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Healed of arthritis

Sifiso Moyo lived with pain for many years due to the inability of her body to heal from a surgery. In the event of time, this developed...

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Divine Health Realities

The Word of God is at work in me mightily; therefore, I live in health and prosperity, even as my soul prospers. No disease, sickness or infirmity can anchor itself to my body. I am daily... | Read More

The Healing School Cyber Church is an online community specially designed for you to help grow your faith in God through our highly inspiring and interactive online meetings which holds weekly.

Prayer of Salvation

O Lord God, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus Christ is Your Son.

TThe Healing School is a global ministry with the divine mandate to take healing to the nations. Partnership with the Healing School is a commitment by individuals and corporate organizations to change lives all around the world, through sponsorship of our various projects and programs which are geared towards the fulfillment of this mandate.

Our network of partners consists of thousands of men and women who have become stakeholders in the...

Pray for partners of the Healing School all around the world that have committed themselves through their financial giving to the furtherance of the gospel of Christ through the Healing School;...

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