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Tony Jideofor
2016-03-03 06:18:25

Thank God for the gift of the Holy spirit..Glory be God!!!

Mason Edeyibo
2016-01-11 09:46:35

God is awesome, with God all things are possible

Patrick ZE1
2015-12-01 00:58:50

Glory to God

Edith Rampana
2015-11-12 00:29:58

God you're sooo wonderful # CE Birmingham 1, UK Zone1

Brother james.cordwell
2015-10-30 03:51:52

Glory to God, thank you Father for sending us our Man of God, Pastor Chris! #ukzone2 Milton Keynes

Prince Obiefula
2015-10-28 06:23:49

Glory to God!

ofem loenard
2015-10-28 05:52:38

God u are faithful

Sis. Xamara Perkins
2015-10-27 04:28:18


Sis. Xamara Perkins
2015-10-27 04:14:41


2015-10-26 15:33:50

Glory to God!

2015-10-26 11:40:34

God is ever faithful

2015-10-25 12:08:27

God is great

Janett Halstead
2015-10-24 01:59:29

God is so awesome. He heals. He blesses thank you Lord. also regarding the man of God Pastor Chris . He is such a powerful man of God . may God continue to empower him as he continues to populate heaven. Bless you man of God .

2015-10-23 12:30:07


Simeon Adewumi
2015-10-23 04:01:05

Praise be to God

Sis Bolaji
2015-10-22 07:54:48

God is awesome.

Masego Mhlambi
2015-10-22 07:32:51

Jesus is wonderful.

Masego Mhlambi
2015-10-22 07:32:49

Jesus is wonderful.

Tina opene
2015-10-22 01:29:17

Thank Lord Jesus!

2015-10-21 12:37:28

thank you Pastor sir see his glory see his glory see his glory come down praise his everyday see his glory come down see his glory come down

2015-10-21 12:34:24

thank you Pastor sir is an honour to beloved by you there's a melody in my heart just for you all my streght joy and hope found in you you deserve my praise all my praise i give you my praise my praise you deserve my praise all my praise i give you my praise my praise you deserve my praise all my praise i give you my praise my praise you deserve my praise all my praise i give you my praise my praise

grace udensi
2015-10-21 12:32:39

thank you Pastor sir my Jesus my saviour Lord there's none like you all of my days i want to sing the wonders of your mighty works

2015-10-21 12:31:48

thank you Pastor sir oh how i love Jesus becos he first loves me

2015-10-21 12:31:15

thank you Pastor sir the name of Jesus higher than every other names king of all kings alpha and omega there's no other name like him

2015-10-21 03:44:30

glory be to God!!!

2015-10-20 13:32:05

Praise God the words works Hallelujah

Betty Kendi
2015-10-20 11:50:07

Blesses be God!!! #blwkenyazone

Bukelwa Mdleleni
2015-10-20 11:49:20

Amen, Thank you Jesus

Betty Kendi
2015-10-20 11:49:15

Oohhhhh glory to God!!!!! all things are possible....
2015-10-20 09:44:02

wow! Glory to God in the highest. I believe my is next. Thank u JESUS

Sis. Xamara Perkins
2015-10-20 08:22:28

Thank you heavenly Father!

Dora fosu
2015-10-20 08:21:30

thank you Juses

Kamga Tamoufe Louis Marie
2015-10-20 08:17:37

wow. thank you Jesus. #EWCA-VZ4 #CE-Douala

Richking Chukwuma
2015-10-20 08:05:03

Glory! #Celagoszone5

saturday Imade
2015-10-20 07:55:59

glory be to GOD. for his miracle Amen and Amen

saturday Imade
2015-10-20 07:55:07

glory be for his miracle Amen and Amen

2015-10-19 15:04:48

Glory to God Almighty.

ozoigbo kate
2015-10-01 06:07:50

what a miracle wow

ozoigbo kate
2015-10-01 06:07:21


2015-10-01 05:27:13


Japhet Chia
2015-09-28 15:04:04

Praise God for His name forever more. #Celcc3blgsz5#

Japhet Chia
2015-09-28 15:03:40

Hallelujahhhh. #Celcc3blgsz5#

Japhet Chia
2015-09-28 15:03:25

Glory to God. #Celcc3blgsz5#

2015-09-25 09:21:02

Glory to God

arinzeonyinye C.E Owodunni
2015-09-21 11:21:38

Praise the Lord!!!!!

Max Praise
2015-09-18 09:41:25

He is indeed a mighty God! What a miracle!

2015-08-14 18:24:54

What a mighty God we serve

femi omoshola
2015-08-12 17:17:13


Cynthia Nnaji
2015-08-10 15:11:13

Praise God

yoshan paulis-Sri lanka
2015-08-10 11:56:08

Glory to HIS name! thank you pastor.

2015-08-10 10:18:09

Praise the Lord

Ignatius Onyango
2015-08-10 09:23:52

Glory be to God, and thanks be to Jesus Christ who shed His blood for us on the cross. Hallelujah!

Paul Mehluli Ndlovu
2015-08-10 09:07:26

Glory to Jehovah Rapha!CE Ivory Park [Pastor Onyeka] Southern Africa Zone 1 Under Pastor Ose Oyakhilome

Daniel David Adamu
2015-08-10 08:30:42

Praise God! #cesoutheastvirtualzone1