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2015-11-21 22:04:28

thank u pastor Sir, for giving my life a meaning, what could I've been if I didn't locate dis ministry?

2015-10-20 01:26:00

Thank you Pastor Chris for changing lives the world over. I being one of them. God bless you richily Sir. We love you Pastor. #sazone5

2015-10-20 01:01:41

Thank you Pastor Chris for changing lives the world over. I being one of them. We love you Sir. God bless you richily.

2015-10-20 00:56:04

Lord thank you for our great Man of God Pastor Chris.

Japhet Chia
2015-09-16 03:26:03

Glory to God, Hallelujahhhh. #Celcc3blgsz5#

Kunle Adeleke
2015-09-15 05:46:35

Glory to God!

2015-09-14 17:45:00

Thank you God for your healing power over your people. Glory to your holy Name. Amen.CeBerekum Ghana

halimat chris
2015-09-14 12:40:52

Thank you Lord for the mighty works. I Love you pastor

Biamaba Christal Sokari-Briggs.CEB UK Zone 2
2015-09-14 06:49:36

wonderful service with spoken words of Glory to All.Thank you Jesup.

Joy Ogbeide
2015-09-14 06:46:52

Glory be to God in the highest, God bless you Pastor. #celagoszone3

Daniel Belesi
2015-09-14 05:50:24

Glory to God

Richking Chukwuma
2015-09-14 05:49:14

Thanks profusely pastor sir

lia shine samuel
2015-09-14 05:48:20

Thanks a million pastor sir. I love you.

2015-09-14 05:35:22


Satta Duwork
2015-09-14 05:35:05


2015-09-14 05:34:06

Glory to Lord

Leonard mclove
2015-09-14 05:33:08

No doubt!! You are a man set from God!! I love you pastor sir for changing lives!!# CE SPINTEX( ACCRA GHANA ZONE)

2015-09-14 05:31:56


2015-09-14 05:31:53

Please how do i enter the healing school. what's the procedure

Dcn Trevis
2015-09-14 05:30:58

Thanks and praises be unto our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ

Br.Francis Kadjie CE Douala, CM
2015-09-14 05:24:29

oh Praise GOD for evermore.Sir I love you.

Akhatsegbe Joseph
2015-09-14 05:22:38

No doubt you're God's sent. Thanks for teaching us all how to follow Christ and to live the God kind of life in this earth. I love you sir my Prophet. # CE benin zone 1

Sis. Xamara Perkins
2015-09-14 02:16:16


Kurga Martha
2015-09-14 01:24:59

Praise be to God, for a glorious and successful end of the healing school. partners you are blessed. #Ceabujazone

Pastor Funke Oke
2015-09-14 01:24:07