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Norah Veremu
2017-03-13 13:50:54

What a testimony. Jesus is alive. Thank you Lord for baby Samuel.

samantha chekenyu
2016-11-03 10:28:43

wow Glory to God

Linda C
2016-10-16 05:04:41

I attended the Healing school in march 2016 to april 2016 due to infertility, irregular periods, 2 miscarriages, PCOS, HIV. I gave my life to Christ and learnt a lot about faith and healing. The day pastor Chris was to minister to us in the auditorium i noticed i had gotten my period for the first time in a long time naturally and my faith was stirred strong. When pastor came into the auditorium I was shaking and when he came to me i was already vibrating and fell under the annointing. Fast forward to May 2016 i fell pregnant naturally and i knew that if i got my period and fell pregnant naturally then the PCOS and HIV have departed from my body. I am free from the chains of sickness. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant living a healthy HIV free life with my husband. We are walking in divine health and prosperity. Going to the Healing school was the best decision i have ever made

2016-07-15 15:58:12

Glory to is name

Akpaete E.Mary
2016-07-08 09:44:58

I was really touched by this miracle God please remember me too from your throne of mercy.

2016-06-27 14:11:34

Glory to God

2016-06-13 03:11:51

Amen pls pray for me regarding health

2016-06-12 22:35:57

Wooooow. I love you Jesus. I love you pastor Chris. am next in line for a miracle. this is my time.. Hallelujah

2016-06-11 07:37:34

Wow.... Glory be to God forever. I am next in line for a miracle.

2016-06-09 00:40:45

we give God the glory for his good work done......... praise the lord

2016-06-08 22:30:06

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Susan's desire was met through Hope. Praise God ! Your faith pleased God.,Hallelluyah,

2016-06-08 16:34:55

I give God praise. #cemwr

2016-06-08 15:56:49

Amen #celz5#

2016-06-08 14:00:28


Johnson Victor
2016-06-08 13:27:21

prayers is good please children of God help to pray i need work

saturday Imade
2016-06-08 11:21:57

Glory be to GOD almighty

2016-06-08 10:11:17

Hallelujah!!! This is my testimony. Glory to God.

bro Galefele Mokgatlaemang
2016-06-08 09:12:40

The word works#cesazone1

2016-06-08 08:24:03

praise God hallelujah

2016-06-08 08:19:03

God is awesome

2016-06-08 06:54:31

Healing school Lagos students, You belong to a new breed, class and race.

2016-06-08 06:42:11

glory to God! i tap into this annointing and i receive my miracle to be pregnant in Jesus name

plakoo kafui
2016-06-08 06:28:54


2016-06-08 06:25:06

Yes, we thank God, he is the God of the posibilities.He changes the imposibilities to posibilities.Praise his holy name