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2018-02-23 15:04:16

when is healing school will be back in Nigeria because I have someone close to me who needs healing thanks

2018-02-08 13:46:48

how can I be a part of the healing school with out traveling to south Africa? am form Nigeria.thnks

2018-02-07 16:51:35

thank you soo much pastor for answering the call of God and working in it pastor you have tought us well and with the presence of the Holy Spirit in us we have been transformed to the knowledge of our newness.. the new creation in Christ pastor i know and believe that no sickness can fasting itself in my body because my body is the temple of the Holy Ghost pastor i want you to join me in prayers that the lord heal me of hiv completely and that i will work in divine health even as the word of God has ordained... thank you very much sir

2018-01-11 11:01:42

pumpkin p7pm

2018-01-06 06:42:23


2018-01-01 05:58:42

I love you my pleasure sir may God bless you so much

2017-12-10 11:24:49

God bless you Sir,pray for me for my spiritual life. Thks I love you sir.

2017-11-25 08:41:13

Glory #CEPH 3

2017-11-05 01:04:02

praise God thank you sir for all the things you have done in our lifes in the name of our lord Jesus am trusting God for healing over my life, have been in pains since 2015 over ulcer have done everything am supposed to do no change please sir put me in prayer as i have gotten here i believe that my problems are solved hallelujah
2017-11-01 03:50:32

God bless you sir! The world can't get enough of you sir! We love you more Grace sir!

2017-10-17 05:29:03

I love you my pastor, i love love love you for ever my pastor

2017-09-26 20:17:03

God bless sir for healing our children

Manaledi Sele
2017-09-25 01:33:12

Thank you Lord Jesus for the healing of your children

2017-09-14 09:26:21

wow glory to God what an awesome healing school summer session in Canada

miss banda
2017-09-07 09:09:36

Pastor we thank God for bring such a person who fear God ...praise God

2017-08-28 16:38:45


2017-08-13 01:41:08

thank God for you Pastor I been blessed by your ministry in Jesus Name. Amen

miss banda
2017-08-11 16:57:06

Pastor I am a 32 years lady iv been living with a deadly virus HIV and headache and I'm on treatment my next visit is on the 13 of September believing in the God all mighty I know I am healed ..please be with me in your prayers and do pray for me so that I will be healed and have my children .I believe this will go way I don't want this even this treatment is killing me and making me dzzy and stress ..I really need healing ..but I knw the works of God will be in my favour in Jesus name ....

Mercy Sibanda
2017-07-20 04:06:57

Praise God may you be increased more and more thank you Pastor Sir Lovecyou dearly

Bhimrao khaire from India Bombay
2017-07-09 02:27:22

Jesus is Mighty and so wonderful paster Christ I am learning from your YouTube program I m like very I'm enjoying with you and jesus thank for you expanding word of god and healing program I love jusus and you paster Christ I'm working like you jusus did testimony about healing one old lady join pain completely healed and one man he like mad and not eating food and he harm himself yesterday he also healed thanks pastor praise the Lord

Jessica Ujunwa Ochia
2017-07-06 03:33:08

Glory be to God for evermore, thank you Pastor Sir

Victor Furangi
2017-07-05 08:54:25

Heal me Jesus.Hallelujah.

Norah Veremu
2017-06-28 09:59:23

Thank you Pastor

2017-06-14 16:28:32

wow glory to father god

Agah Charles momoh
2017-06-01 06:25:01

flourishing on every side 4 real pastor we l?? o?? v?????? e God l?? o?? v?e more Cheers sir????????????

2017-05-23 02:27:33

praise the lord may God increase u more and more

2017-05-16 00:44:32

Glory to our KING JESUS!

2017-05-10 07:35:43

Glory to Jesus!

2017-05-06 06:06:05

Pastor thank you so much . i love you so God is really awesome... thank God ...for the miracles... Emmanuel Paul. Cec Tumfure Gombe

2017-05-06 06:00:46

wow.. God is really awesome... thank God ...for the miracles... Emmanuel Paul. Cec Tumfure Gombe

2017-04-20 13:38:59

praise God! God bless pastor Chris n the partnership of the healing school

2017-04-20 02:09:01

Hallelujah. Glory to God forever more

kabonge sirajee
2017-04-18 14:14:11

thank u pr.sir

2017-04-14 11:24:25

Aleluia, praise the Lord

2017-04-05 07:12:51

je t'aime pasteur Chris
2017-03-27 18:16:32

Thank God for healing me through my partnership in healing school. as this section is going on now the power of Holy Ghost i receive my healing now...because divine health is mine now ......Gloryyyyyyyy.

2017-03-20 20:38:01

Thank God for this session of healing school where God has brought saturated atmosphere for for folks to be healed in the name of Jesus. Thank you pastor for this vision.

Gift Lawrence
2017-03-15 00:41:11

I Love You Pastor

2017-03-09 17:54:37

I live in U.S. How can I register for Canada healing school?

2017-03-09 17:53:52

I live in U.S. How can for Canada healing school?

2017-03-09 13:36:41

I registered. i wii my healing in Nigeria

Sonia Daniels
2017-03-07 14:44:37

Amen and amen. Thank you Lord. Thank you Pastor. #cectzone 4

2017-02-23 08:17:56

am eugene seh. A 21 years of age from Ghana. please i wanted to find out whether Nigeria session will be coming on this year.

2017-02-15 04:30:52

what if I cannot afford to go to south Africa, is there any other ones in Lagos or Europe?

Norah Veremu
2017-02-14 06:54:08

Our lives will never be the same again. Thank you Pastor.

2017-01-31 09:13:00

what if I can't afford going to South Africa. what do I do

2017-01-23 15:20:22

Glory be to God! I can't wait to enter.

2017-01-22 06:43:09

Please do anyone know when Lagos healing school will commence?

2017-01-20 11:34:39

God is wonderful

Phyllet Mlungwana
2017-01-10 20:30:41

Jesusmis wonderful , thank you Pastor Chris for continuing with the work of Jesus, healing the sich setting them FREE from theis sicknesses.. Hallelluuuuuujah,,,

2017-01-08 17:00:43

I was a sent a username and a password. After register for the healing school in march. what is this password for?

Lundi Fesi
2017-01-06 04:29:11

Praise God, His love endured forever.

2016-12-30 05:12:51

Thank God for you pastor. Love you.

2016-12-17 14:45:25

love u pastor

2016-12-02 17:58:56

Can I attend online? I live in Jamaica

2016-11-26 12:31:24

Thank you pastor for giving me this previledge to enter healing school, looking forward with stead fast prayers

2016-11-26 12:28:12

Thank you

Adija Nyok
2016-11-22 10:56:17

Glory I love you Pastor Sir

Adija Nyok
2016-11-22 10:56:16

Glory I love you Pastor Sir

2016-11-13 04:38:09


2016-11-06 02:56:06

I love you pastor

2016-10-25 19:21:49

i stand in defense of our Lord Jesus Christ love you pastor Chris

2016-10-20 00:51:55

glory to God!!

2016-10-19 01:38:04

graciously graceful

2016-10-13 06:25:28

Thank you Pastor .

2016-10-09 10:42:41

I love pastor

2016-10-05 12:58:43

I lovebit