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2017-04-23 14:51:29

pastor god bless you more it 's wonderful to see the miracle

Mathias Mweene
2017-04-06 04:43:41

This is amazing grace, working the word.Glory!!!

tony .E
2017-03-31 06:48:15

great magazine.

2017-03-25 02:24:42

My B.A 5th same is successful pass my name is Ravi Gadgey from India thank-you Jesus thank-you holighost

2017-03-22 22:41:43

More grace pastor sir

2017-03-21 14:14:04

you're the one that gave my life a meaning thank you Pastor sir

Norah Veremu
2017-03-21 02:06:10

Awesome. Thank you Pastor.

2017-03-20 17:15:30

Thank you Jesus

2017-03-20 16:16:29

merci Seigneur

2017-03-13 15:56:59

I thank MY God for given me a father like you sir. I love you BIG

2017-03-13 15:12:29

great art you Lord thank you Pastor sir

2017-03-12 15:59:36

oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

Wow! Thanks am so grateful!
2017-03-11 08:34:32


Wow! Thanks am so grateful!
2017-03-11 08:34:31


2017-03-09 03:10:12

Thank you

2017-03-07 22:18:25

Glory to God; i Am A life giving Spirit. I have the divine nAture in me. Every fibre of my being is encOded with the Life Of God... Thank You Pastor for helping me understand the Life i hAve inside of me. You're A blessing to the eArth. I LOVE YOU PASTOR

2017-03-07 08:57:25

Wao I'm greatful don't have to wait longer for the article

2017-03-01 23:56:09

I am thankful to you Pastor Sir for allowing God to use you. You blessed me and now I have the healer living in me. That makes me a gealer too. Glorrrrrrrry! Halleluah!!!!

2017-03-01 16:32:54

Thank you Pastor Chris for this opportunity given to me to be a part of this big family, I love you Sir.

2017-03-01 16:12:44

Thank you wants again to have this healing session im one of the student I received my healing in 2013 thank you man of God for my healing knw I can do all things which I couldn't do to those who are coming for healing all your problems are going to finish weather sickness or deliverance God is going heal you thank you pastor Chris for the niracles we are going to witness.

2017-03-01 14:25:48

i can do anything the spirit of God lives in ;me thank you pastor sir

sis Irene
2017-03-01 09:19:36

Thank you