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2020-03-31 07:03:53

When i see where herbs are mentioned and discussed i try as much as i can to encourage as many as i can. Despite my origin as an English person. Sometimes our health challenges could be treated with simple things like Garlic,ginger,  which are generally called HERBS. Sometimes our healing and cure are just before us. Why don't you make use of them which are natural gift from our creator. Knowledge is power its said .I personally gave up TTC for many years till i stumbled on a group where i saw a write up on herbs so i contacted the writer privately n inquire to know more and he said he strictly believes in the use of herbs as he treats the following with ease.......fibroid Brest cancer block tube miscarriage ovarian cyst High prolactin diabetes stomach pain swollen of leg when pregnant. Iregular menses Breast pains too much of bleeding after given birth and a lot he mentioned. I was kind of skeptical and scared but i made up my mind to give a try since av tried everything i could think of medically. From the list breast cancer an ovarian cancer was my greatest challenge.I paid some money which was not much compare to what i spent in hospitals and he sent me the herbs and i took it for just a month and,  .. an i went for a check an doctor said i have no more cancer... waoooo never knew herbs could do this magic after so many years. Well am sharing my victory cos I believe a lot of TTC wives will also celebrate if they try the herbs treatments instead of surgeries.. Never think of surgery as your first options please.  You can contact the herbal Dr  via whatsapp : 2347045719820 or