Highlights of the Final Youth Camp Meeting with Pastor Chris – Part 2

2016-03-31 | 5,427 Views

The Anointing
The meeting with Pastor Chris went a notch higher as the time for a divine impartation of the anointing approached. It was a time of restoration, refreshing and repositioning for all present. The youths received the anointing to be healed and to heal, the anointing to spread and multiply, and the anointing for increased glory. The man of God charged the youths saying, “When you leave this Camp, it is important that you be hot for Jesus. He was not ashamed to die for you, don’t be ashamed to live for Him. There's nothing you could ever give Him; all He's asking for is your love. Live for Jesus, be proud of Him and tell the world about Him.”

First, he ministered to delegates who had health challenges, then he proceeded to impart the anointing to those who were attending the IEYC for the first time this year. As he prepared to minister to returning delegates, the following prophetic utterance came forth: “I hear in the Spirit – multiplication. There’ll be an increased glory in your life. The Spirit of God will talk to you. You're about to enter into a new ministry of the Spirit that you've never known before.”

It was a beautiful sight to behold; surely, these youth campers will never be the same again. They are afire and are full of divine energy to spread to every man’s world. Glory to God!