2016-09-20 | 3,197 Views

Let’s pray for all the graduate students of the Healing School; students who were ministered to by our man of God. Let’s pray that these ones will continually walk in the supernatural and stay focused on the Word of God that has been delivered unto them (Acts 10:38).
Declare that they remain in health after the man of God prayed for them, and that they live a glorious and victorious life of testimonies for their bodies, family, finances in life generally (Isaiah 26:3).
Let’s declare that all the graduate students carry along with them the supernatural healing ministry everywhere they go; such that, many will receive healing through them and they will restore many lives to Christ.
Let’s declare total transformation in the lives of every graduate student and a ripple effect of what they have received during the Healing School session in this year of Spreading. Let’s pray that the word of God prevails in their lives (Acts 19:20).
Declare that these ones will be able to stand firm in the times of counter attacks, and that Christ will bring to their remembrance what to do in such times. From now hence forth, we will begin to receive news of the supernatural testimonies of healing and health in the lips of the students. Glory to God!

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