The First Healing Service Concludes With Blessings From The Man Of God

2017-03-19 | 2,032 Views

As Pastor Chris finished ministering to the sick, he charged the congregation with the Word, emphasizing that the Christian ought to resist the devil and his wiles. He said, “Just because Satan has no right to touch God’s property doesn’t mean he won’t try to. It’s your job to stop him.”

He further admonished the brethren to be caretakers of their bodies. “Treat your body well. Make it rest when it needs to. Don’t stress it unnecessarily. Give it the right food. Drink a lot of water,” he expatiated.

The man of God specially recognised and warmly greeted guest ministers currently in South Africa for the Ministers’ Visitation Program. He also thanked partners of the Healing School for their immense contributions to the fulfilment of God’s work.

Afterwards, he made a call for those unsaved to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and many came forward, eager to become partakers of everlasting life.

Pastor Chris ended this glorious service by declaring words of blessings upon the congregation; charging them up with the anointing of God's Spirit! What a blissful encounter of the fullness of God’s divine and everlasting life!