2018-01-18 | 3,160 Views

- The first shift you must make to experience the power of God in your finances is a shift in perspectives.
- As you sow seed, God will take your eyes off of your need and unto Him as your supply.
- It is not your job to get your needs met; it is your job to get your seeds met. When you get your seed met God will get your need met. As you take your eyes off of need and unto God and give what you have that seemed not to be enough, you experience supernatural multiplication.
- You may not have enough in your hands, make it a seed.
- It doesn’t matter how much you start with; it matters that you know what to do with what you have.
- When you give, God doesn’t just see money; He sees your faith. This is why Jesus said the widow who gave her mites gave more. It is because more faith was released by her to give what she had compared to those who gave out of their abundance