Year after year, ministers from around the world make their way to the Healing School to witness the tangible power of God at work in the ministry and be imparted by the man of God, Pastor Chris for greater exploits in life. Following this impartation, they return to their countries to activate all that they have received, seen and heard at the Healing School, with notable testimonies following. 

As an upshot of the impartation he received from the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the 2017 edition of the Ministers’ Visitation Program, Pastor Jimmy Thankachan from India has recorded several significant testimonies in his life and ministry. He has organized various campaigns and outreaches which were geared toward the salvation of men and women across all ages and classes in India. He also extended this special grace to ministers of the Gospel in his city, where by organising a special ministers’ cell meeting.

This meeting had in attendance excited ministers who journeyed from across the city of Hyperbad, India, with great expectations to receive powerful words that would transform their lives and ministries forever. Ministering at this meeting, on the importance of Prayer in the life of a minister, Pastor Jimmy charged the ministers thus, “Prayer produces drive, inspiration and direction. A good idea can die without inspiration. Since prayer activates your spirit and stirs you up, you are able to sustain the drive and inspiration in life and ministry.”

Following this message, the ministers were stirred in their spirits to be more committed to prayer, than ever before. This meeting also birthed more ministers, who have committed themselves to the spread of our message across the nation of India.
Glory to God!


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