Young people constitute about 18 percent of the world’s population, and this figure goes beyond demographics. They are a significant group in the world, with powerful voices and unlimited ability to influence and create lasting change in their world. Small wonder they are constantly encouraged to participate in programmes to help them lead more productive lives.

On Wednesday 4th of April 2012, an excited group of young men and women ranging between ages 13 and 23 arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa for the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. It was the first of its kind with several youths from 13 countries including Bahrain, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Hawaii, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America in attendance.

They came to meet with the man of God, Pastor Chris, to receive spiritual impartations, to be touched by the Holy Spirit and also get motivated to spread the Gospel in their nations. The Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris took place from the 6th to the 12th of April, 2012, at a beautiful resort on the outskirts of Johannesburg; and it offered the participants a dynamic mix of spiritual enlightenment and exciting activities.
The camp consisted of welcome activities, small and large group activities, games, country and team presentations, group discussions, chapel activities, and of course, the inspirational and spirit-lifting services!
“When we arrived at the airport in Johannesburg, we were greeted with such great love. It was really amazing, we felt like celebrities! And as the days progressed, we got more of this exceptional treatment and that’s so amazing. I have never felt so special in my life!” enthused 25 year old Carla from the United States.

The first day of Youth Camp began with an orientation ceremony conducted for the youth delegates on arrival. Next, they took out time to savour notable tourist attractions on offer in the city of Johannesburg such as the Hector Pieterson Museum, the Lion Park and the Johannesburg Zoo.

Later that evening, they attended a ministration service with Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, where the Word of God was ministered to them with power. He taught them on their relevance in the Kingdom of God and several delegates received the infilling of the Holy Ghost that night!

Easter Sunday 2012 was a special one for the Campers, one they will never forget as they attended the Healing Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris. They were full of excitement and great expectations as they took their seats. During the Service, they witnessed the anointing and healing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris – a life-changing experience. The miracles they witnessed were a true testimony to the fact that God still works miracles today and what a great blessing to witness these miracles live!

The service made a deep impression on 19 year old Elizabeth from Bulgaria, as she asserted, “On Easter Sunday, we visited the Healing School with Pastor Chris and it was amazing! When we entered the hall, there were a lot of people worshiping God. It was amazing because God’s presence was there and it was beautiful to see all the miracles. When Pastor Chris came, everybody stood up and started rejoicing because they saw Jesus in him. I saw so many miracles; it was amazing!”


The next few days were filled with inspiring spiritual activities, as well as time for play and some competitive games. Daily events at the camp ranged from early morning drills, chapel services, team meetings, country presentations and camp activities such as volley ball, fosse ball and dancing lessons. They also took trips to places of interest such as the Games Reserve and Maropeng Museum. They even had an underground boat ride! 19 year old Cynthia from Canada confirmed, “Not only did we receive spiritual things like the Word of God, we also did some activities. For instance, in the mornings, we woke at 6am and did some drilling exercises because we needed to keep our bodies fit; and my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”


At their first on-camp meeting with the Man of God, Pastor Chris shared divine truths with them on how to fulfill their purpose in this life and make great impact in their world for Jesus. They listened with rapt attention as the man of God expounded the Word, eager to go and impact the youths in their countries on their return home!
Little wonder, 16-year old Ella from Cyrus said, “Pastor Chris, thank you so much for all your words and everything you taught us because without this Camp I wouldn’t be the person I am today! This camp has impacted me so much; I came virtually unaware of so many things but now, I have so much knowledge inside of me. I can hardly wait to go home to spread the Word to everyone so they can feel and know what I experienced!”

The final meeting with the Man of God was an impartation service at the Healing School. The youths were so full of the Spirit and ready to receive a life transforming impartation from the Man of God, Pastor Chris. During the service, the Man of God took time to expound on the scriptures about the importance of laying on of hands to impart the anointing. As the meeting progressed, he called on the different groups of youth and ministered the anointing to them one after another.

The special time of ministration was simply electrifying, the presence and anointing of the Lord was so strong in the hall. During this time of ministration, Pastor Chris laid hands on every youth imparting them with a special anointing for ministry and as they received, they fell under the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit. At the close of the meeting, the youths returned to the camp with so much joy and gratitude to God for a glorious service! But it wasn’t over yet! After the great spiritual ministration, the Easter Youth Camp came to a close with a Campfire and Barbeque night.


Sitting  around the campfire, the youths sang songs of praise to God and shared testimonies on the impact that the camp had made in their lives as well as the positive effects of mingling together and fellowshiping with one another.
For some of the campers, the camp provided an excellent opportunity for those who didn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ to give their lives to Him. One of their favorite memories at camp was leading young people like themselves to Christ. Those they prayed for were elated, and it seemed as though a huge burden had been lifted off of their shoulders! The experience taught them a lot about God’s love and purpose for their lives.


A young person can expect to truly serve the Lord and make lifelong friendships, while having a lot of fun. At the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris, this group of young people experienced love from God in a fresh way. In the few days, they made great new friends, forming lifelong friendships, and also had some unforgettable adventures. They had opportunities to learn more about the Christian life in a relaxed and friendly environment; they learned how to share their faith and spend time with Jesus; they also learned how to be responsible leaders in their ministries.

Expressing her delight on her experience, 25 year old Lovirina from Romania remarked, “During the camp, I met a lot of people from different parts of the world; from Switzerland to Hawaii, from Bulgaria to USA! They’re great people with diverse languages and cultures. Also, my experience here was very interesting; I participated in the activities like the dancing lessons. Besides that, I went to the Lion Park – we don’t have something like that in Romania. The worship, chapel meetings, Bible studies, the meetings with our group and the meeting with Pastor Chris were so intense, wonderful and awesome! We were so blessed to be here!”


It was a most rewarding and life-changing experience that eternally impacted them and they wouldn’t have spent those memorable days of their lives any other way!

To wrap it up in the words of 19 year old Ana from Mexico, “It was such a privilege to have been at the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. I’m excited because when I’m back in my home country, I’ll share what I learnt and be the difference wherever I go!”

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