• Schedule

    Healing School Sessions run from 9am - 3pm daily with a one-hour lunch break. Students are expected to attend all classes at the Healing school. Students are required to spend a minimum of 18 days (inclusive of 3 Mondays) from the day of orientation. Kindly note that the required number of days could be extended on an individual basis.

    Also be informed that attendance of Christ Embassy church services forms part of the school curriculum for the session. Church services hold on Sundays by 10am.

    Kindly note that translators will be available for the session.

  • Weather

    Autumn (Fall) in Johannesburg South Africa comes in mid-February and lingers till April. During this season, rain does not fall regularly.

    Although the weather remains warm, it is not too hot for the visitors. Thus, in some sense, it offers the best weather.

    Moreover, the temperature decreases as the season progresses, giving way to cool weather.

    For visitors, you are kindly advised to travel light with at least two jackets.

  • Telecommunication

    South Africa has a well-developed communication infrastructure, with extensive landline phone networks and three mobile phone service providers, with far-reaching coverage.

    The public telephones are either coin or card-operated. Phones and SIM cards can be purchased at certain stores, post offices, and at the airport.

    Please visit any of the following links below to view telephone directories that you may require.
    www.phonebookonline.co.za     www.yellowpages.co.za

  • Transportation

    Transportation is easily accessible in Johannesburg. You may move around the city via metered taxis and car rentals, which can be booked in advance. It is not advisable to use buses during your stay in Johannesburg.

    Kindly see below list of available taxis and car rental services.

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