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Rejoyce fumador
2016-05-06 14:13:27

Pastor pls hlep me in prayers in married fanasal a Spiritual with God protection on my children and .myself and my husband

Rejoyce fumador
2016-05-06 14:13:25

Pastor pls hlep me in prayers in married fanasal a Spiritual with God protection on my children and .myself and my husband

2016-02-07 11:48:35

wow wow wow am so happy
2016-01-31 05:05:59

God is amazing. thank you pastor for you love...

2016-01-31 04:07:59

in the name of jesus

Monica Abasa
2016-01-30 07:09:50

We give praise to the God almighty

Felistus Chigaba
2016-01-29 10:41:40

The word of God is amazing. It had brought forth healing to the nations. Thank you Healing school partners.

Excellent Maphalla
2016-01-29 01:19:24

Wow!! So holyghorized!! Thank You Sir! #cesaz1

2016-01-27 14:09:42

I love you pastor. May you be replenished with virtue heaped upon virtue. Praise God! CE. Accra Main.

2016-01-27 14:05:21

This is amazing. The glory of God is everywhere. Bless His name forever. CE Accra Main.

2016-01-27 09:37:50

thanks thanks i give you thanks for all you've done glorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy thank you Pastor sir

osazee ediae
2016-01-25 21:45:31

wow wow wow, I can't thank God enough for you Pastor Sir. Glorrryyyy, thank you for transforming my life through God's word. thank you Pastor Sir for the privilege to get the healing sch magazine in E format, am just so bless reading the testimony and articles in it . it's a great blessing, may God continue to bless you and increase you in every way possible in Jesus Name Amen. I love you Pastor Sir. #CEcalgary Canada.

2016-01-24 14:44:59


2016-01-23 01:59:56

Thank you Pastor for saying YES to God's call for you. I love you so much Sir. #ewcavz4

Christie Foletia
2016-01-21 00:03:28

Thanks for the magazine. It always has life transforming articles. #ewcavz4 Cameroon

Dora fosu
2016-01-20 10:33:31

Glory to his name

Norah Veremu
2016-01-15 06:29:04

Glory to God. #CESAZONE5

2016-01-14 21:02:52

great TESTIMONY.. very inspiring..with tears of joy dripping, I say thank you Jesus.. the cover of the magazine is just beautiful with Vida's picture..keep shining

2016-01-14 09:38:45

hallelujah to God be the glory to God be the glory to God be the glory for the things he has done amen thank you Pastor sir

Aghoghovwia Steve
2016-01-14 02:28:26

Thank Pastor, our Father and the Prophet of our time. such inspiring life and grace. And this platform to spread. glory!!!! #lagoszone2Ijanikin

Austin Mbaleme
2016-01-13 11:16:38

I'm glad to be a partner. #lagoszone5

Eng. D. Museka
2016-01-13 07:20:59

Thank you Pastor Sir. A glorious edition to start 2016

2016-01-12 08:24:16

Awesome! #cedouala Cameroon, ewcavz4

Richking Chukwuma
2016-01-12 06:57:08

Awesome! Praise God. #Celagoszone5

Pastor Leonard mclove
2016-01-12 06:54:46


saturday Imade
2016-01-12 06:22:39

Glory be toGOD