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Hawah Daniels
2021-10-17 13:26:48

Soro Andreina
2021-08-14 22:14:13

Shirleen Kamau
2021-08-08 10:22:13

Wooooow Glory!!!!

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-31 20:45:29

marius Bessou
2021-07-29 10:43:48

marius Bessou
2021-07-29 10:43:46

Telious Lydia sobayen
2021-07-29 04:00:28


Sarah Kotey
2021-07-26 15:58:10

Sarah Kotey
2021-07-26 15:09:53

Williams ikpe
2021-07-26 08:27:40

Williams ikpe
2021-07-26 08:27:35

Williams ikpe
2021-07-26 08:27:29

Williams ikpe
2021-07-26 08:27:24

Williams ikpe
2021-07-26 08:27:22

Sarah Kotey
2021-07-24 18:34:42

Sarah Kotey
2021-07-24 18:34:17

Maria gam
2021-07-24 17:44:09

Gloryyy to God

Mary Muthoni
2021-07-23 07:56:20


2021-07-22 15:54:08

@PatriciaLouiseJoseph Thank you for your comments, we kindly invite you to participate in the Festival Of Healings and Miracles and experience the miraculous. kindly join now @ healingstreams.tv God bless you.

Patricia Louise Joseph
2021-07-22 09:29:12

Healing request for Patricia Joseph after effects of covid head kidney lung must be healed

Patricia Louise Joseph
2021-07-22 09:28:22

Pray healing for pat Joseph lungs need healing

Alexandra Georgescu
2021-07-21 18:51:07

Sarah Kotey
2021-07-21 14:42:36

momoh Emmanuel Omeiza
2021-07-21 14:20:16

Chipo Imanga
2021-07-21 06:54:46

Benjamin Angyu Adi
2021-07-20 17:09:24

livinus Simeon
2021-07-20 15:11:34

Bahrah Binaee
2021-07-20 10:31:45

josephine imoisili
2021-07-17 21:33:02

Divine Gyamfi-Kwarteng
2021-07-17 19:06:14

Amen amen

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:28:20

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:27:50

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:27:43

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:27:12

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:25:44

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:25:11

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:25:00

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:16:41

Felicia Ojo
2021-07-17 12:15:25

Nwagbo ugochukwu
2021-07-17 06:47:28


Felicia Ojo
2021-07-16 16:21:05

Justin Noél Kabengele
2021-07-16 16:04:07

Je suis très malade ça fera bientot une annéé je suis attaqué par les sorciers de ma famille aidez moi svp

Favour John
2021-07-16 12:46:05


Kadiatu Bockarie
2021-07-16 06:26:38

Amen. My body is the temple of God. The spirit of God dwells in me. Sickness disease and infirmity can not attached itself in my body. Amen

Sis Rita Nkemdilim Okwubor
2021-07-15 22:31:30


Eric Berko
2021-07-15 09:01:21

Romans 8:11 is my portion hallelujah to the lord.

Ayodele ogbebor
2021-07-14 13:50:30

Chinyere Amanfo
2021-07-14 13:07:58

ugbekike chuks
2021-07-14 10:40:45

2021-07-14 04:05:05

Thank you for healing streams live, my body is vitalised. No sickness can attach itself to my body because that spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside me and vitilises my mortal body. Halleluyah

god's glory
2021-07-10 17:40:10

i thank God for their healing right now they're heal and rejoicing glory to God Amen

god's glory
2021-07-10 17:37:35

Glory to God. hallelujah. my name is Ekeh Joseph godsglory from Nigeria living in Gabon. o want to thanks God almighty for the healing of who has surfer for high blood pressure over ten years and my fiance who has also falling sick each and every week's but when the man of God pastor Chris told us to put our hands wherever we need healing, i received from them because they are not with me. then I feel cool inside me

Karlyn Mae A. Dayaday
2021-07-09 12:52:54

Glory to God. Thankyou Jesus. Halleluah.

2021-07-08 10:32:59

pastor Mike our group Pastor for Healing streams prep class He is a blessing thank God for His love and prayers .Tracey

connie ontefetse
2021-07-08 07:03:24

Glory!!Nothing in my body responds to sickness,disease, and infermity.The life of God in me is SUPERIOR!!!AMEN!!

2021-07-08 02:00:33

amen amen amen

Elena ekmektchian
2021-07-07 18:27:46

Bonjour ,je vous écris pour un sujet de prière qui est pour moi. Je vous explique un peu il y a 20 ans j’avais un masse dans ma colonne vertébrale qui a paralysé tout mon côté gauche j’ai été Opéré . Une opération très risqué que j’aurais pu paralysé ou mourir .mais par la grâce de Dieu je suis là et aujourd’hui, j’ai appris que le masque il est revenu. Jet une douleur atroce derrière ma tête dans mon coup et je suis en arrêt de travail. J’ai besoin de vos prières je reste forte je continue à faire confiance en Mon Dieu et dans cette épreuve qui n’est pas facile mais je sais que je suis déjà vainqueur.Merci d’avance pour vos prières que Dieu vous garde et vous protège. Elena . Ekmektchian

John Obi Luke
2021-07-07 17:33:31

Michael Israel Ngamakala
2021-07-07 17:31:52

Dawuta Biambo Orubo
2021-07-07 12:46:08

Amen.To God be the glory.We thank you immensely our man of God.Pastor Chris,the Prophet of our generation.God sent to save the nation's of the world..

Kei Bosco
2021-07-06 21:42:40

may God continue to give him more wisdom

2021-07-06 16:49:01

Glory God thank you Jesus

2021-07-06 16:46:42

Amen and Amen glory to God thank you Jesus we give you all the glory and honour and the praise that you have given to your son Pastor Chris. Father I pray that you will continue to grant him more strength and wisdom and understanding and more Grace to fulfil the work you have called him to do in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you pastor your labour is not in vain.Thank Pastor Sir

2021-07-06 16:19:08

2021-07-06 16:06:50

Blessing Ajewole
2021-07-06 12:04:27

iris nhondova
2021-07-06 02:39:43

Glory to God. halleluah

Abigail Oseremen Itie
2021-07-05 18:25:33

2021-07-05 15:33:15

Rita Ifeoma Nwaogu
2021-07-05 12:09:15


Rita Ifeoma Nwaogu
2021-07-05 12:08:54

ifeoluwa Ladejola
2021-07-04 20:19:21


Lovemore Nehanda
2021-07-04 14:58:29

Tunde Wright
2021-07-04 05:05:15

Joanna Dahaman
2021-07-03 22:29:31

2021-07-03 19:37:44

The Cover Of The July Magazine is very glorious, the testimonies and miracles are amazing; especially those that are from far away nations. In the realm of God's Spirit anything is possible. Glory!

Rachelle Adinssi
2021-07-03 14:27:05

Glory to God

2021-07-03 04:31:45

praise the Lord

Alpha Chikamba
2021-07-02 21:01:17

Glory to God

2021-07-02 16:53:49

ruth bühler
2021-07-02 14:07:46

Alison Bush
2021-07-02 14:01:47

glory to god... thank you pastor chris and all the workers that have put together the magazine... all glory to god

Cyril Mugove Siringwani
2021-07-02 11:57:39

Glory to God. Awesome testimonies. The section on Your Devices and Health is very helpful. Thank you for this great magazine

Matshidiso Serufho
2021-07-02 09:46:22

gloryyyy be to God Almighty.... I'm an offspring of the WORD... this offspring responds only to its Father's Word that birthed it..

Vivian Mattew
2021-07-01 22:02:44

Asanele Mkonjana
2021-07-01 20:07:23

Glory to our father God

Michelle igajah
2021-07-01 06:50:55

Mario Viagem
2021-07-01 05:55:43

Glorious holy spirit of God forevermore, hallelujah!

2021-07-01 04:30:09


Chidinma G
2021-07-01 04:27:39

Glory to GOD

2021-06-30 23:18:46

my body is programmed to respond ONLY to God's Word. Gloorrryyy!