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Chioniso Kazuva
2022-03-17 07:12:00

Thank you so very much Holy Spirit for all these teachings.

Caroline Akinyi
2022-03-10 16:41:28

Ilean Richards
2022-02-17 09:30:24

Thanks again Sir, these info are vital

Eva Phillips
2022-01-21 08:51:08

great info thanks. saying that I have a disabled son was alway very good with his oral hygiene but for sometime now he’s showing pain and discomfort with his mouth. he was to to sleep to check they came back saying he has wisdom teeth coming but they weren’t out yet he’s still showing pain and discomfort took him back to his dentist they are saying the teeth are ok they are out it is difficult to brush his teeth you can see the fair in his eyes his gums are swollen and his mouth smells gums bleeding yet dentist saying his teeth are ok. seen this info here I believe maybe I can get some help here last month again he was put to sleep to look at his mouth and ear came back that everything is ok but he’s still showing discomfort where he’s can’t sleep if he eats anything hard. help please if you can thanks

simpa Bright Ajayi
2022-01-16 13:10:26

Thanks a million

2021-11-19 15:58:19

Margaret Iziren
2021-11-16 23:13:16

You should be able to detect unpleasant odours in your self, before anyone can detect it. Oral hygiene is very important. in between your teeth flush it with a cocktail or a tread. brush your teeth and your tongue in between wash rinse your mouth and lastly rinse your mouth with mint mouth wash for a couple of minutes. You are ready to face the world.

Katherine Njoku
2021-09-11 05:23:02

2021-09-04 07:11:37


Doria Alfa
2021-09-03 07:59:43

wow! thanks

Isaac Esuarko
2021-09-02 17:40:33

That's a great information...thank you

Justina Chabvuta
2021-08-29 18:42:04


Keaboletse Mary Kgokong
2021-08-27 15:25:40

Comfort Duncan
2021-08-25 10:51:30

Bertha okoro
2021-08-24 06:08:05


Dzamah Patience
2021-08-22 07:12:07

Thanks alot

Emmanuel Amartey King
2021-08-21 09:50:16


Sarah Kotey
2021-08-14 20:06:50

Faith Obinna
2021-08-12 17:34:35

Thanks a lot

Emmanuel Amartey King
2021-08-10 01:15:06

nice one

florence Nyaruwata
2021-08-09 03:54:52

very helpful. Thank you so much

Constance David
2021-08-07 16:52:19

Wow!Thank you

2021-08-07 08:52:08


Joy Mabena
2021-08-06 17:40:56

Wow so helpfull.Thank you

Ellen Mogami
2021-08-05 08:09:44