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2022-10-05 18:19:47

joy Dickson
2022-09-04 06:51:29

MY LORD , l am grateful! you are good , kind and gracious to me and my family. Thank you for your word that heals, builds,correct,protect and blesses.

Nemani vosatalei
2022-08-28 01:01:04

Nemani vosatalei
2022-08-28 01:00:59

Nemani vosatalei
2022-08-28 00:57:32

Nemani vosatalei
2022-08-28 00:57:01

Sarah Gabriella Kambarame
2022-08-27 09:39:22

Dorothy Hill
2022-08-23 04:24:16

Nirmala Dhanprasad
2022-08-15 00:34:16

Nirmala Dhanprasad
2022-08-15 00:34:04

Margaret Iziren
2022-08-11 17:11:13

Gratitude does move God to action.

Dominic Foday
2022-08-08 17:09:41

I want to purchase August healing streams magazine and Rhapsody July/August

Terry Grazette
2022-08-07 15:16:43

PDF not downloading can someone look into it . thanks

2022-08-06 00:45:09

Joan Nnadi
2022-08-05 12:51:24

can someone send me a pdf copy of healing to the nations magazine , August 2022 edition. I tried downloading it on the healing school app, but it’s not opening . I need if you share to all my contacts. Blessed be God!

Kouakou F E YAO
2022-08-05 10:53:52

2022-08-03 00:17:12

Eva Phillips
2022-08-01 06:49:05

praise God for this Magazine thank God for the ministry may God continue to strengthen pastor Christ and the team to spread the word of God and to heal the nation in Jesus name amen and amen hallelujah