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Taiye Anthonia Aiyeki uyinmwen
2024-06-10 07:56:51

Amen.Thank you pastor Sir

Eva Phillips
2024-06-08 06:20:39

hallelujah hallelujah amen and amen praise God thank you Jesus for your love grace and mercy

Jennifer Ikello
2024-06-08 06:11:11

I am the healed of the Lord Jesus Christ

Julieta Guerrero Batingal
2024-05-19 18:56:07

I'm Heald in my family love each other bonding of luck be in humility

ishaku dan
2024-05-03 09:12:30


Pastor Isaac Asomaning
2024-05-02 04:04:21

Thanks Thanks Amen

2024-04-30 06:41:09


Guasconi Ogiemudia Damilola Deborah
2024-04-27 19:22:17

Glory to God for my healing. I'm healed of GMUS in Jesus Name

cecilia Amaniampong
2024-04-27 13:06:47

l am so glad that Jesus is working miracles now. I received it in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

victor Wataku
2024-04-26 17:53:09

Amen hallelujah

Sis Alfoncina
2024-04-26 17:36:01

Hallelujah, I am healed of Sensory motor Neuropathy in Jesus name

2024-04-26 17:33:34

I receive. Amen I've been feeling unwell with some kind of flu and this particular scripture and reading came to me. God is good and great all the time.

Millicent Yankey
2024-04-26 17:27:04

Hallelujah, lm walking in divine health. Glory!!!

Nkateko Delsy
2024-04-26 07:40:06


Doris Lotsu
2024-04-26 05:57:51

Glory to God Amen. I am so glad to know that Jesus is still working miracles now. l receive my miracles now. Amen.