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Osaretin Usikpo
2022-06-24 13:53:38

I receive my babys

Mabel Olamidotun
2022-01-11 11:33:46

Anything is possible!

Itohan Williams
2021-10-25 19:51:02

I carry my twins this year

Fortune Igolo
2021-09-28 08:47:36

Fortune Igolo
2021-09-28 08:47:32

Fortune Igolo
2021-09-03 05:55:38

Fortune Igolo
2021-08-21 14:46:02

usha thapa
2021-07-25 14:55:10

I am healed from fibroid and have babies in jesus name amen

Lucy ernest
2021-07-19 19:48:47

I receive my babies In Jesus name

Lucy ernest
2021-07-19 19:47:58

I receive my babies in Jesus Name

harsha reejhaw
2021-07-14 07:53:09

I'm healed and I conceive my baby in Jesus name.

Ritika Prasad
2021-07-08 01:54:12

I pray for conceiving, I expect such a miracle over my life. May the God of pastor Chris heal me soon. Amen

Ritika Prasad
2021-07-08 01:48:29

I also need prayers for conceiving. please heal me

delifa ndhlovu
2021-06-03 13:16:29

Delifa: I receive my Babies and healed of fibroids.

delifa ndhlovu
2021-06-03 13:14:56

delifa ndhlovu
2021-06-03 13:14:31

I receive my Babies

delifa ndhlovu
2021-06-03 13:13:33

Vimbayi Madadangoma
2021-05-31 00:45:24

Nora giegbefumwen
2021-04-22 09:41:55

thank you lord for who you are.you are not a man that should lie,what you say is what you do.heal me from pain in my abdomen and chest pain,give me children oh lord.i key into this testimony in Jesus name Amen

nwosu mariam
2021-04-18 08:06:01

glory my baby is growing in my womb now healthy and strong by the power of the holy spirit

Hope Daniel
2021-03-28 14:20:06


Benita Emmanuel
2021-03-21 15:45:22

Glory to God for His love, mercy, kindness and grace.

2021-03-12 01:38:28

my baby is here

Friday Afaha
2021-03-12 00:24:10

Wealth you have received your miracle in Jesus name amen

Friday Afaha
2021-03-12 00:23:29

precious Peter: glory....I received my miracle amen

sharon Banda musonda
2021-03-11 13:18:50


Emma Addrey
2021-03-08 10:07:52

I thank God for this testimony and your life. l tap into this annoiting and l also look up to Him. l believe and know it will happen this year in Jesus name.

Lilian Chidiebere
2021-03-07 13:59:43

gloryyyy to God... I have my baby now

gloria luka
2021-03-04 02:02:14


gloria luka
2021-03-04 01:48:45

my set time Amen

Bunmi Bello
2021-02-28 15:59:46

blandine Lognon
2021-02-28 15:05:30

Glory to God for his faithfulness

Precious M
2021-02-25 06:28:55

Amen.. I pray for such a miracle over my life. I have been married for more than 10 years now, no baby, may the God of Pastor Chris intervene in my womb, for I have lost hope.

Joh Edith Buojao
2021-02-24 10:13:43

powerful testimony Oh Lord i will testify before the end of 2021 i shall carry my own miracle baby by the anointing of the holy ghost in Jesus name Amen

akofa sogbo
2021-02-15 20:34:30

glory to God

tabe beck ebot
2021-02-15 12:49:14

by faith I will celebrate this time

2021-01-07 05:41:25


Juliet Babirye
2021-01-06 19:37:39


Marie-Noƫlle Apithy
2020-12-15 19:09:13

Thank you Lord Jesus. I will surely testify before the 31st December 2020 as you said!

Maureen Udemba
2020-12-15 11:40:21

Thank You Lord, I will surely testify soon Amen

2020-11-04 15:15:15

Glory to God

2020-11-04 15:01:30


2020-10-16 21:05:07


flo Ken
2020-08-25 11:58:14

thank you Jesus for what you have done. I will receive my children in Jesus name amen

2020-03-19 10:29:36

God is faithful!

Godfrey Maparanyanga
2020-03-16 18:08:57

Glory be to God. GOD CHANGES LIVES. He answers when we call Him.

Minister Evelyn Christ
2020-03-12 12:43:50

Our Jesus is alive restoring wasted years We can count on Him always. Awesome.

Ebot Mbu
2020-03-11 03:15:09

glorrrry to God halleluiah

2020-03-10 12:30:22

from this testimony and I receive my miracle in the name of Jesus I am heald from fibroids and I receive my miracle babies in the name of Jesus amen