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Cheery Omere
2022-02-28 14:15:28

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2021-10-29 00:51:56

2021-10-29 00:51:48

Paul Thomas
2021-10-07 22:13:14

good God

veronica aryeetey mensah
2021-10-03 08:51:42

Temitope oladosu
2021-09-22 15:45:07

dis can only be God almighty. am tanking God almighty for giving us an anointed man of God at dis very time! tank u past Chris for submitting ur self to d calling of JESUS christ. I am so blessed to have at my own generation

lovelyn Eze
2021-09-19 15:56:53

God is good and faithful

2021-08-29 12:15:50

To God be the glory. I claim this miracle for my son in Jesus’s name. Thank you Jesus

Yeboah Margaret Amobea
2021-08-28 08:58:36


Karren I. Santos
2021-08-24 10:44:00

Halleluiah!Praise the Lord!

Balogun Sunday
2021-08-10 19:28:26

I claim Sumbo's miracle. Thank you Jesus

Oluwadara Anifowose
2021-08-09 05:46:42

Glory to God!

Felicia Ojo
2021-08-07 14:10:21

Felicia Ojo
2021-08-07 14:10:07

Felicia Ojo
2021-08-07 14:07:25

Doris Lotsu
2021-08-07 07:23:56

Akioyamen Laura
2021-08-07 06:19:58

Stephanie Nelson
2021-08-05 09:06:48

Glory to God

Sinodia Mika
2021-08-04 05:46:44

Hallelujah with the Name of Jesus nothing is impossible

Phyllet Mlungwana
2021-08-04 05:39:57

Hallelujah! None of these are God's. He is a healer.?

Phyllet Mlungwana
2021-08-04 05:35:26

Amen. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.Its done! Glo

2021-08-03 00:12:43

Elizabeth Moyo
2021-08-01 08:26:41

Elizabeth Moyo
2021-08-01 08:26:15

There is a name above all names the name of Jesus, that Atopic Dermatitis is one of the many names

Zanele Letta
2021-07-30 05:50:23

Thank you Lord for your mercy for healing our children

Telious Lydia sobayen
2021-07-29 04:01:39

wonderful Jesus

Telious Lydia sobayen
2021-07-29 04:01:07


Ria Young-Lau
2021-07-26 22:05:42


Munyaradzi Emily Kawadza
2021-07-26 13:51:03

Kabe Emmanuella Catherine
2021-07-23 14:44:37

Thank you Jesus

2021-07-23 06:40:04

I receive a miracle for my unborn daughter. thank you Jesus

Queyinde Ovoke
2021-07-22 03:43:10


Siphiwe Matemera
2021-07-21 20:58:24


Siphiwe Matemera
2021-07-21 20:58:04

The same anointing for healing children is healing Adriel my son tonight, glory be to

Julia Mazokwana
2021-07-21 05:39:39

Halelluya!!!!Thank you Holy Spirit

Julia Mazokwana
2021-07-21 05:38:46

Sunny Omoruyi
2021-07-21 05:24:16

yes, yes this is a miracle

2021-07-20 16:02:46

2021-07-19 21:50:36


seun Smith Akinwale
2021-07-19 07:52:52

seun Smith Akinwale
2021-07-19 07:52:30

I recieved my healing in jesus name

Yolande Mengila Ndi Kima
2021-07-19 06:38:46

Constance Taminang
2021-07-19 05:09:47

Constance Taminang
2021-07-19 05:09:39

Constance Taminang
2021-07-19 05:09:27

Constance Taminang
2021-07-19 05:07:10

2021-07-19 04:08:19

Glory to God.

Theresa Owete
2021-07-19 01:26:39

Hallelujah. Thank-you jesus

Dcns Thuli Ndlovu
2021-07-18 21:00:53

oh praise God forevermore, Lord you are kind and gracious, thank you for your healing power

Esther Alessou
2021-07-18 20:45:57

thanks lord JÉSUS

Margaret Iziren
2021-07-18 19:53:46

Awoere Toba
2021-07-18 17:04:46


Nomvula Mnyoni
2021-07-18 15:29:54

Nnoi Lupindo
2021-07-18 15:24:43

olvon Edwards
2021-07-18 15:05:02

Amen hallelujah

Arnott winston corke
2021-07-18 08:32:43

James Solomon
2021-07-18 08:22:16

goodmorning..please how can I download this to display in my church

obiageli Edith nwozor
2021-07-18 06:56:09

Jesus Christ is a great miracle

obiageli Edith nwozor
2021-07-18 06:55:27

thank you Jesus

Ogbemudia kelly Osabuohien
2021-07-18 06:13:20

I tap to the healing anointing that did it for her and I receive my miracle and healing from Atopic Dermatitis too.... In the Name of Jesus Christ I receive my own healing.... Amen

2021-07-17 19:11:19

Elizabeth Makuwa
2021-07-17 18:51:13

glory glory

Lovemore Nehanda
2021-07-17 16:56:56

God is faithful and mighty in all His ways. Hallelujah!

Christopher Oberiko
2021-07-17 16:15:44

Festus Fidelis
2021-07-17 16:15:29

hallelu, God is good.

Festus Fidelis
2021-07-17 16:14:09

Katherine Njoku
2021-07-17 15:09:24

keditwaetse Bontsi
2021-07-17 12:41:50


Deborah Ngetich
2021-07-17 08:45:31

Ms.Nomfundo Nombewu
2021-07-17 06:27:08


Alana titus-Paul
2021-07-17 05:58:15

Thank God for miracles

2021-07-17 05:17:16

thank you Jesus

Agnes Reeves
2021-07-17 00:22:39

hallelujah praise Jesus

Onwuli Jane
2021-07-16 17:03:20

Praise the Lord

Sunil Gatamadasa
2021-07-16 16:28:13

Edoghaye Eze
2021-07-16 14:23:33

Tswelelo Bopoto
2021-07-16 13:56:27

Audrey Matope
2021-07-16 10:25:37

Glory to God

Auntie Antoinette
2021-07-16 08:14:42

I also receive my healing in Jesus name Amen

Auntie Antoinette
2021-07-16 08:13:16

thanks for sharing my heart is filled with the wonderful blessings of God for my daughter blessing Ahiaku SOSU is healed and made whole in the name of Jesus Christ

Auntie Antoinette
2021-07-16 08:11:18

Auntie Antoinette
2021-07-16 08:10:56

Amen Amen and Amen blessings Always in the kingdom of God

Bro. Godson Dzifa
2021-07-16 07:20:14

I received my healing true this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ,Amen

2021-07-16 06:54:16

The word of God works

blessing Toma
2021-07-16 06:49:03

glory to God

Nwagbo ugochukwu
2021-07-16 06:40:28

oh halleluyah

Nwagbo ugochukwu
2021-07-16 06:36:03


Kwabena Nimako
2021-07-16 06:09:38

God is great.

Kwabena Nimako
2021-07-16 06:09:17

Akuh Sarah Iganya
2021-07-15 23:44:07

Francis yamoa kyei
2021-07-15 19:21:25

Marie Jacqueline Thompson
2021-07-15 17:11:14

Marie Jacqueline Thompson
2021-07-15 17:10:43

Lord hral Angela Legrand from the itchy condition the same way you,'ve healed that young girl give her her miracles Lord its too much for her she's only 3 years old

2021-07-15 16:26:35

KUAMI w.Eloi
2021-07-15 14:12:32

Zidora Mutituye
2021-07-15 11:58:19

Zidora Mutituye
2021-07-15 11:58:17

Zidora Mutituye
2021-07-15 11:58:12

Bibi Alagha
2021-07-15 11:19:27

Thank You,dear Lord Jesus! Thank you, Pastor sir for yielding yourself to this divine call to bring healing , even at this time to many all over the world. Thank you sir.

Zuriel Olu-Silas
2021-07-15 10:03:02


Eguono Obotivere
2021-07-15 03:19:46

Thank you Lord for this testimony

Elizabeth wogu
2021-07-14 21:32:24

amen, glory to God forevermore

Nambawarr Shipu
2021-07-14 21:15:26

Hallelujah! praise be to our God. I attended the first healing stream by Pastor Chris this 2021and got healed of a very painful bone ache on my buttocks. Around 2013 or 2014 I slid around our tap in my uncle’s house and landed hard on my rear area. bone behind my bitten hurt terrible but pains soon vanished. But comes from time to time over the years and just some months ago where I sat for about 2-3hours on a wooden chair, I began feeling this severe pain on that spot. But as I prayed on with Pastor Chris as he laid hands on the virtual viewers I believed I received my healing. To the glory of God it is so. The pain began supsiding and felt so faint everyday. Now I can sit and stand up without feeling that sharp pain at my rear bone area to the Glory of God Almighty. Thank you Jesus for my healing in other areas of my life too and my family. A big thank you to Pastor Chris and I pray that the blessing of God upon Your life Sir shall never run dry. God bless you Pastor Chris.

Joyce manyemba
2021-07-14 18:53:02

Praise God!!

Emma Lee Simpson
2021-07-14 14:31:50

Thank you Jesus for healing this precious child of Atopic Dermatitis. Hallelujah praise God

Chinyere Amanfo
2021-07-14 13:08:14

2021-07-14 12:16:31

Jesus is Alive! Amen

David Felix
2021-07-14 07:20:54

thank you Lord Jesus

Tifulia Estella Akongnwi
2021-07-14 04:53:37

glory to God

Emmanuel Amartey King
2021-07-14 03:51:20


Michelle igajah
2021-07-14 03:22:11

oripah zishiri
2021-07-14 03:16:58

Ps Kakesse Theophile LeGrand
2021-07-14 00:24:20

Thank you Jesus for the miracle

princess kukarme charles
2021-07-13 17:59:55

vonesayi Chitakunye
2021-07-13 16:43:02


Josephine Osayomore
2021-07-13 16:08:47

Jackai Nalowa
2021-07-13 15:01:05

sharon Banda musonda
2021-07-13 12:40:02

Glory to God

Adokiye. west
2021-07-13 10:16:47

Merry Muwanguzi
2021-07-13 09:35:52

gloooooooory.....I receive healing for my children, Grace,Love and Fellowship

Maah Bih
2021-07-13 08:53:04

Glory Glory Glory

2021-07-13 08:18:10


dossa pascaline
2021-07-13 07:14:52

Irene Ennisson
2021-07-13 06:59:03

Hallelujah the Lord Jesus is king and at the mention of Jesus every knee should bow thank you for the healing

Chima okoli
2021-07-13 05:53:27

glory to God

Audrey Coleman
2021-07-13 04:03:40

Praise GOD,I received my miricle healing july 9th during the 3 day healing streams this month in July. I was miraculously healed of a 3 year skin and body disorder. It was literally from my head to my feet, and on the inside of my body. it was coming out of every place on my body and there was no cure and my only cure was a touch from God, but I had no more faith to believe. It was an year round vicious war and on going battle no rest at all. as I participated in the service. and praying with Pastor Chris as he prayed for the people there in the church. At some point Pastor Chris said don't focus on yourself or your sickness just start worshipping God, and when I did that at that moment I saw me sitting down on the small sofa and at tthe same time that moment stood still and electric shock went through my body. my spirit knew I was healed and set free!!!. All Praises, All Thankfulness BE TO YOU GOD FOREVER HALLELUJAH!!!. Thank You Pastor Chris Sir For The Rest Of My life

2021-07-12 22:19:43


Pastor Deola
2021-07-12 21:53:36

Juliana Nkhuwa
2021-07-12 20:23:24

praise the Lord!

ibiyemi agboola
2021-07-12 17:56:05

thank you Jesus, God is good

Rozalin Ehiughiren
2021-07-12 17:42:57

Jesus Is King Still this same yesterday tomorrow and forever Amen

Lereani Naulu
2021-07-12 17:33:55

junie claire
2021-07-12 17:08:16

Justina Acquah Koomsom
2021-07-12 17:00:38

Ruth Dennis
2021-07-12 16:41:35

heal my husband who's Kidneys are 90 percent damaged due to Covid and has fungal infection and pus is ousing from his nose and mouth pray for his speedy recovery and heal him right from his head to his toes. Amen

Mercy Best
2021-07-12 16:24:53

glory to God

Jimmy Banda
2021-07-12 14:10:30

Pray for me to be healed from diabetes, cataract, and intestinal sores

Ifeatu. Nwachukwu
2021-07-12 13:09:40

Thank you Lord

Jackson tembo
2021-07-12 12:38:37

Virginia Downs
2021-07-12 12:10:17

to God be the Glory

2021-07-12 11:56:40

Glory to God forever

Utibe Akpanudo
2021-07-12 11:32:49

Glory to Jesus Christ

Tessy Ehiwe
2021-07-12 11:22:24

God be praised

Brenton Walters
2021-07-12 11:12:19

Glory be to God

Doris Lotsu
2021-07-12 11:11:09

God is so good . am glad for you too. stay healthy and strong.

Lorrietta Arthur
2021-07-12 10:08:08

Great God

Lorrietta Arthur
2021-07-12 10:07:56


2021-07-12 09:59:55

Glory to God

Juliet Bomeh
2021-07-12 09:38:37

God is good all the time, glory be to God for this testimony in Jesus mighty name, hallelujah. To our great man of God and his team may the joy of the lord continue to be your strength in Jesus mighty name. Juliet Bomeh Uk

baunbag victor
2021-07-12 09:29:13

Ojeah Patience Ifeanyi
2021-07-12 07:50:05

Wow, Thank you Jesus for this miracle.Praise God.

Lontzeu Céline
2021-07-12 07:49:08

Glory !!! be to God

isaac omeiza
2021-07-12 07:34:25

praise God

Jordan Demezoukumor
2021-07-12 07:29:56

thank u Jesus Pastor Chris God bless you

Uzor Stephen junior
2021-07-12 07:05:34

glory to Jesus

Regina sanusi
2021-07-12 06:58:56

Thanks you Jesus Thanks you Jesus

Itua Evelyn
2021-07-12 06:58:41

Thank you Jesus

Faith Obinna
2021-07-12 06:55:18

Glory to God

Cynthia Nhira
2021-07-12 06:42:15

Glory to God. This is awesome

Grace Williams
2021-07-12 06:38:42

Grace Williams
2021-07-12 06:38:36

Sis Zoe Oluchi
2021-07-12 06:35:23


Sis Zoe Oluchi
2021-07-12 06:34:52

Thank u so much my Lord Jesus Christ

Felistus muema
2021-07-12 06:26:11

Barati X Mafalala
2021-07-12 06:23:09

Onyebuchi Asilo
2021-07-12 06:19:21

Glory to God

Philippe Tshiteta
2021-07-12 06:05:05

I claim it for my Carniela. Thank you Jesus.

Ene Aaliyah Adejo
2021-07-12 05:57:32

glorrrrrrry... thank you Jesus

2021-07-12 05:13:52

I claim it for Taonga

Uchenna doris Opara
2021-07-12 02:35:28

[email protected]
2021-07-12 01:51:09

glory glory glory