The Healing Service Concludes With Salvation and Great Words of Blessings

2015-09-01 | 5,695 Views

Revealing deep truths from the Word of God about the person of Jesus, Pastor Chris exhorted thus: “Jesus is God. You cannot read the Bible without coming to that conclusion. When we talk about Jesus, we’re not just talking about some wonderful man… the expression ‘son of God’ means that He is the man-kind of God. Everything about God is in Jesus. The name of the God-head (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) is Jesus. So when you worship Jesus, understand this.” With great conviction, many came forward when the altar call was made; they accepted salvation and proclaimed Jesus as the Lord of their lives as the man of God made the altar call for salvation. Pastor Chris specially thanked partners and acknowledged that many lives have been transformed because of the love of God which flows through them. He said, “Thank you partners, we can’t thank you enough; for your prayers, your giving and your sowing of seeds. Thank you for being a part of God’s work.” The service came to a close as the man of God blessed the congregation with continuous increase and renewed strength.