Highlights of the Final Youth Camp Meeting with Pastor Chris – Part 1

2016-03-31 | 4,432 Views

The Word
The final meeting of the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris was a superlative session in which the delegates were catapulted to a new level of revelation. Eager to take hold of all that the Spirit of God had prepared for them, the youth campers arrived at the hall long before the meeting was scheduled to start.

The evening kicked off with praise and worship; followed by several special ministrations from representatives of various countries. During a very inspiring talk show, several youths motivated their co-delegates by unveiling their plans for action once they return home from the IEYC.

When the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered into the auditorium, the anointing in the atmosphere intensified till it was tangible. Building on the questions on the message that began on Monday, the man of God defined the following concepts: righteousness, sin and salvation. He started by saying that, "To understand what the Lord means as sin, you have to first understand the nature of God and righteousness. Righteousness is that nature of God that distinguishes Him to be perfect, inerrant, infallible, just and good. Therefore, as taught by Jesus, sin is any act or deliberate thought which is inconsistent with God’s righteousness."

He proceeded to explain the three kinds of sin from which Jesus came to save mankind – inherited sin, imputed sin and personal sin. At this point, Pastor Chris gave a most remarkable definition of salvation: "Salvation is the deliverance of man from his fallen nature and depravity of sin and its effects; it is the recreation of his spirit and a restoration of fellowship with God.” Admonishing the youths to take Christ’s commission to preach the Gospel seriously, he said, “Let's not act like there are options. Eternal life only comes through Jesus."