Testimonies of Unending Grace as Past Students Tell Their Stories

2016-04-24 | 2,315 Views

Truly, the Word works and nothing is impossible with God. Former students of the Healing School take the stage one after another, and the auditorium is saturated with faith and thanksgiving as they share their amazing testimonies.

5-year-old Leisusa and her grandmother were the first up the stage; happily sharing the testimony of how Leisusa was healed of HIV at the Healing School 2 years ago. She is healthy and whole; and free of all limitations. Glory to God!

Simon Bandah suffered from cardiac failure, and for years, it seemed he would continually live in pain until he encountered the man of God at the Healing School; this was the turning point in his life. Now, he testifies that the Lord has done great things in his life and he can run and walk long distances now. He is very active now!

Tina Ikapi came to the Healing School in a lot of pain due to tuberculosis of the spine, which she had had to endure for several years. Coupled with the discomfort of wearing a back brace everday. After she was ministered to by the man of God, she was completely healed and can now do all the things she couldn’t do before, and can play with her friends once more. Hallelujah!