Healed of hyperlipidemia, degenerative disc disease and bilateral carpal tunnel

2016-09-27 | 7,557 Views

It is often said that good health is life. For 54-year-old Agapita Galvez, life became a horrifying nightmare, as she suffered multiple health problems that only got worse each day. Agapita suffered from hyperlipidemia, degenerative disc disease, stiff feet, and frequent headaches, amongst other severe discomforts. This myriad of health conditions drastically reduced her quality of life to that of an invalid, whose health restrictions left her almost dependent on others for her everyday activities. But, refusing to accept this gloomy fate as the only way to live for the rest of her life, she came to the Healing School. At the Healing School, the power of God caused such drastic supernatural changes in her life, that she has not only returned to living normal and healthy, she is God’s proof to the world of His enduring love and of His healing power. Be uplifted as you watch her story in this week’s video. God bless you.