Blog: “2018 is the Year of the Supernatural!” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  • “2018 is the Year of the Supernatural!” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Every year, the Spirit of God promotes us to greater levels of glory by the Word of blessing. This Word of blessing is received with gladness as the theme of the year sets us on course to fulfill the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the Gospel to all nations of the earth.

This year 2018 as declared to us by the man of God, Pastor Chris is the year of the Supernatural and from all around the world: Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops and leaders who are members of the Global Ministers’ Network of the Healing School participated in this life changing meeting. They received the message of the year with faith in their hearts that 2018 is the year of the Supernatural for their lives and ministries. Ministers also participated in the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris where he prayed for the family members of all those who sent in names prior to the service.

Indeed this year will be marked by many supernatural events including the ministrations of Angels in our lives and ministries. Hallelujah.

Watch (again) as Pastor Chris announced prophetic utterance for 2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!

"You’re going to see the unexpected; you’re about to see the unimaginable," the man of God, Pastor Chris, announced as he qualified the message of the Holy Spirit to His church for 2018, 'the Year of the Supernatural'!


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