Healing Everywhere with the Healing to the Nations Magazine is a fulfillment of Scriptures. Individuals, groups, churches, and ministries all over the world organize healing outreaches. The Healing to the Nations Magazine is an avenues for connecting people to the miraculous and placing God’s Word – power for the miraculous – in the hands of beneficiaries.

This December, you have a special opportunity to spread the Gospel of salvation, healing, divine health, and restoration to the sick and those afflicted with one illness or other. We are taking healing everywhere, especially in hospitals across towns and cities in various nations of the world this December.
Through the Healing Everywhere Campaign, we are gifting people in hospitals with relief items, gifts, and most importantly, the Word of God, we will rekindle hope and stir up faith for the miraculous.
Join us as we reach hospitals across the globe with God’s healing power.