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Our feet take us everywhere we need to go and taking good care of them helps us to stay mobile and physically fit. The perfect shoes will go a long way in preventing swollen or itchy feet, and will also help you avoid pain in the ankles and back. Your comfort and overall wellbeing could very well be made or marred by your choice of shoes.

So, outlined below are a few tips to help you pick the right shoes for every occasion:

1. Know Your Size: Don't pick shoes based on an assumption; it is usually better to measure your feet regularly and know what it corresponds to for different shoe makers (e.g. a size 9 for some makers is a 40 for others, and could even be a 41 in other instances).

2. Designs Matter: Don't choose a pair of shoes simply because it’s trendy; select shoes that are shaped like your feet. This will preserve the natural shape of the feet and prevent strain to the foot muscles.

3. Get the Best Fit: Try on both shoes in a pair at the same time to get the best fit. While doing this, it’s better to stand up and walk a bit; that way, you’re sure of how comfortable they really are.

4. Let in Some Air: For people with sweaty feet, pick shoes that have perforated designs which will allow air to pass through easily. Wearing open shoes occasionally will also help prevent the onset of infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm, etc.

5. Choose Safe Heels: Especially for ladies, avoid shoes with spiky heels or smooth slippery bottoms which can predispose to ankle sprains and falls; flat shoes or shoes with heels of 4 inches or less are usually more comfortable and much safer.

Taking care of your feet also involves these simple hygiene practices:
• Taking a daily bath and keeping the feet and nails clean.
• Frequent washing and changing of stockings and socks.
• Frequent feet inspections to look out for cuts, breaks in the skin and infections (especially for diabetics).
• Changing the shoes daily and airing them out when not in use.
• Putting on slippers while at home or sandals when going out – avoid going barefoot as much as possible.


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