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Bathrooms are vital parts of every home; they come in pleasant and comfortable designs. However, slips, trips, major falls that could result in fatal injuries could occur in them if precautions are not adhered to.

Safety precautions and accident prevention in bathrooms should be of paramount importance. Do not store electrical appliances such as blow dryers and radios near sinks and tubs. Electrical outlets should be covered to prevent shocks.

Only grownups should put plugs into outlets. Electrical items should be kept away from water to prevent shocks. Electrical appliances can be dangerous when they make contact with wet conditions; great caution should be applied when installing or using electrical tools in bathrooms.

Although everybody might be exposed to accidents in bathrooms, however, infants, elderly, sick and physically challenged people are at a greater risk of injuries or death if the accident-causing agents are not tackled. Hence, there is need to keep bathrooms safe at all times.

Slip and falls in bathrooms mostly lead to fractures and accounts for majority of bathroom accidents. These result from the smooth nature of bathtubs, showers, tiles surfaces and wet conditions of bathroom floors, which make them slippery. Bathroom floor surfaces should not be extra smooth to avoid slips, trips and falls. Spills should be wiped as soon as they occur. There should be non-slip mats or fixtures inside the tub as well as grab bars on the walls by the tub. Hold onto the grab bars when getting in and out of the tub. Mats or rugs should be placed by tubs and showers to prevent slips.

Be mindful of infants and toddlers in bathtub or sink during bathing; they should never be left unattended. Baby bath seats are not a safety device. They should never take the place of an adult. Keep bathroom doors closed. Use an outside lock or a door knob cover to keep young children out of the bathrooms when you are not with them.

Watch them every second, even when they are well seated in a bath seat, bath seats act as support not a safety measure for kids. Drain the bathtub as soon as bath time is over. Regardless of how stylish and luxurious a bathroom may be, safety should be first and foremost.


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