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Xenia Wedekind from Switzerland shares: "As a result of the Spread Faith Campaign, I have reached many Russian speaking communities with the healing power of God through the distribution of the Healing to the Nations Magazine. This brought so much joy to the people, knowing they could receive and be blessed by God’s Word in the language they best understand. I’m also excited to be a conveyer of eternal verities like this."

Feechi, a partner of the Healing School share her extraordinary account of healing during Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris: "I was in and out of the hospital for some time, suffering a condition that first started as a minor ailment. However, I went for a checkup, where I was administered some treatments for malaria. Upon finishing the dose, I didn’t get any better. Rather, I became restless with feelings as if fluid was rushing inside my head. I couldn't stand for a long time without feeling I'd faint. The pain got worse with time, and I also lost my sense of smell; I couldn't smell anything any longer. I had another visit to the hospital and was referred to do a brain scan. I went through another round of checkups with results that weren't consistent with God's Word. Then came the day for Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris. I attended the session that evening. The man of God, Pastor Chris, asked everyone who was feeling any symptoms of sickness to stretch their hands towards the screen and I did. In that moment, I felt the power of God move through my body. Right there, all the symptoms I was feeling left immediately. The disturbing fluid flow in my head was gone, I could smell things and I could also stand or sit for as long as I wanted. I am healed indeed!
This testimony means a lot to me and my family. Truly, the Word of God works!"

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