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Testimonies are a proof of God's wonder-working power at work in the lives of men. From various programs, many who come in contact with the Healing School have had testimonies on their lips to God, for the miracles and blessings they encountered.

Melanie from Switzerland declares: "My son was born with a disease that's unknown and rare. All diagnoses carried out didn't amount to anything. He had to use nasogastric intubation and intravenous feeding. By providence, I got to know about the Healing School Cyber Church and I began attending the services. Each time, as I received the Word, my faith increased and I started to pray more and more, trusting God for my miracle. In one of the services, during the prayer session, I got a word in my spirit that my son's condition will be turned around for good. I held on to that prophecy and I kept declaring it, day after day. Now, my son is 10 months old, he no longer needs any aid to eat. He's absolutely healed and strong. Indeed, our faith produces results when we hold on to God’s Word. Hallelujah!"

Grace Warimu from Kenya testifies: "I'm a member of the Healing School Cyber Church. During the recently concluded Your Loveworld broadcast with the man of God, Pastor Chris, my mother experienced a healing miracle. Prior to then, she was constantly weak and she could bare sit or walk properly. As Pastor Chris prayed for the sick and those who had pains in their bodies, I was led to go transfer the healing anointing into her body where she laid in her room. Immediately, she started responding, declaring she was healed, and every infirmity and demon causing the pain left her body. Glory to God! From then she’s been perfect and her joy is full."

To participate in the Healing School Cyber Church every Sunday at 10am (GMT+1), please visit: www.enterthehealingschool.org/cyberchurch


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