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The Healing School Prayer Network is reaching the world with salvation, healing, and health in the Gospel of Christ. Millions of saints who are passionate about birthing God's will through intercessory prayer for the nations of the world, especially for the sick, meet on a weekly basis to fulfill this priestly call through this platform. Beyond praying for others, some members of the Healing School, Prayer Network also take up efforts to reach out through evangelical missions where they impact lives, ministering the good news of Christ and demonstrating the power of the Spirit.

In South Africa, a team from the Prayer Network convened an outreach to a hospital in a bid to spread faith, hope and love, the Bible way. They went ministering the Word with power, sharing excerpts from the Bible and ministry materials from the Loveworld Nation, one of which is the Healing to the Nations magazine, from where the participants received the message of divine health and healing as taught by the man of God, Pastor Chris.

The ministration took the meeting to another level as attendees were enthused and significantly spurred in their spirit by the words received. Miracles began taking place as some started demonstrating their faith.
One of the attendees, Bongiwe Buthelezi later testified: "I met the Healing School Prayer Network during a prayer outreach held at the hospital where I was at a time. They came preaching and praying for the patients. I brought my daughter for immunization that day, but I as participated briefly at the program, the words they preached ministered to my spirit. I took their details. I contacted them, later on, to pray with me about some challenges I was facing. I was depressed. After they prayed for me, things began to change. The difficulties turned out for my good. I got a new job, my family was restored - we found a lost member of my family. Truly, it was all-round perfection! I thank God that I found a new family in Christ who cares so much for me. Thank you, Healing School Prayer Network, for blessing my life."

The meeting came to a close with more testimonies, and everyone took a blessing with them. To join the Healing School Prayer Network and to be a part of praying with saints around the world, connect every Saturday @ 10am (GMT+1) via


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