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Michael Jefe from Rwanda shares: "Last year, I discovered that I was feeling congestion in my heart which led to a sudden loss of strength and energy. I also suffered from blurred vision, fever, sore throat, and loss of appetite. I technically became incapacitated and unable to move. So, I decided to inform my Pastor about my condition. He prayed for me and gave a directive to watch the previous broadcasts of Healing Streams Live Healing Services. He Instructed that I participated fully as if I was there live and be expectant for my miracle. I streamed the first session of Healing Streams where the esteemed Rev. Ray ministered, and my faith was stirred up so greatly. By the time I was watching the second session, I was already transported to another level of faith. In that moment, I was ready to receive my healing. Miraculously, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase mentioned my case: "There’s a man incapacitated at home because of a heart challenge, you're healed right now!" He said.

Immediately, I stood up rejoicing because I knew it was for me. At last, my time of visitation was here. From then on, I started excelling in health and strength. Now, every representation of those health challenges has been completely overwhelmed by God's healing power. Every symptom that I felt disappeared! I am eternally grateful to God for saving my life. A very big thank you to the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for this beautiful program. Hallelujah!”

Keremo Ebomotei from Nigeria testifies: “I was experiencing tightness in my chest. It has always disturbed me from breathing properly. Whilst participating in one of the episodes from Healing Streams, I received my healing instantly! Glory to God!”

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