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Govender Kanakamma from South Africa shares: "My sister suddenly developed difficulty with breathing, and in just a few days, her condition became so bad that her oxygen level dropped so severely. She coughed frequently. After being examined at the hospital, she was said to have tested positive for Covid-19. Her healing took place at the Healing School Prayer Network during one of the sessions of prayer at the Healing School Online Global Prayer Session, as the members of the Network declared words of healing on her. Instantly, her oxygen level became normal and she regained her strength, completely healed, to the glory of God. A later test result showed that she tested negative to Covid-19. Praise God!"

Rumbidzai Maturase from Zimbabwe testifies: "Recently, I traveled to Johannesburg. I had to stay with a relative who had recently tested positive for Covid-19. Some close people were concerned that I might contact it, but I knew who I was and whose I was. I kept declaring constantly to myself that I had the very life and nature of God in me. But towards the end of the visit, I started experiencing body aches, and at times, I felt feverish and my nose was feeling congested. I chose not to be moved by what I felt. I boldly declared and prayed in the Spirit in my room during one of the Healing School Global Prayer Sessions, and at other times during the day. A few days after, I had to report for work and a negative Covid-19 result was a requirement to board the plane. When I went for the test, the result was negative, and I was able to embark on my trip. Glory to God!"

You too can be a member of the Healing School Prayer Network. Participate in the weekly Global Prayer Session every Saturday by 10am (GMT+1), using this link: enterthehealingschool.org/prayer


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