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From Friday 5th to Saturday 6th of February, 2021, the power of God traveled into many homes, hospitals, offices, and all kinds of locations, effecting desirable changes around the world during the 24-hour non-stop Healing School Online Prayer Conference.

Giving a warm welcome to the global congregation to the Online Prayer Conference, the CEO, Loveworld Inc., and Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, enthused: "When we pray, great things happen. Through this conference, we are directing the power of God to make great things happen around the world. Make sure you participate with us as we pray and project ourselves forward for a glorious 2021."
"What should you expect at this conference? It's prayer! Prayer is the exercise of our righteousness. Get ready to experience God's mighty power as we pray." She added.

The record-breaking event featured several talk show segments with senior ministers of the Loveworld Nation, as discussants spoke of the multi-faceted impact of the Healing School. The Conference was beamed from multiple studios from different nations of the world, such as the United States of America, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa, just to mention a few.

A member of the Central Executive Council, Loveworld Inc., the highly esteemed Rev. Ray Okocha, shared on the impact of the Healing School in these last days during a talk show, "The Healing School is God's love in manifestation to the world."
Several members of Healing School Partnering Ministries, ministers of the Gospel, from all over the world who took turns in exhortation and leading fervid prayers. These included Pastors Tamas & Abigail Raki of New Covenant Center, Hungary, Pastor Razvan Mihailescu of River of Life, Romania, Pastor Andrew Mutondoro of Oasis Assembly, South Africa, amongst others. Every segment of prayer was effectual for the transformation of the people and nations of the world.

Admiral Vedamanikkan attended the December edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services in 2020, suffering from kidney failure. He shared his victory report with the world: "Both my kidneys suddenly stopped functioning optimally from 2018 to 2020. I went through several dialysis. My body was in so much pain. My legs were swollen and I wasn't able to pass urine normally. I was practically always in bed. I received the restorative and healing power of God during Healing Streams. No more dialysis needed! No more heavy medications needed! No more pain! God touched me and He heard my cry through Healing Streams," he says. Hallelujah!

Helene Sofia De Jesus from Angola, called in via video conference, testifying of how she received her healing from fibroid and cervical inflammation from reading the Healing to the Nations Magazine. "I took the Healing to the Nations Magazine as my daily medicine, and it produced my healing," she said.

The esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal, Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Accra, anchored a talk show on the impact of the Healing to the Nations Magazine and the Spread Faith Campaign around nations of the world. "If the world is spreading fear, we also have something to spread – faith, using the Healing to the Nations Magazine," Pastor Biodun declared.

Crowning the super-explosive and result-producing sessions of prayer, senior ministers of Loveworld Nation prayed for the sick, and declared words of power on every prayer requests sent in by thousands of participants from many nations. In that moment, the healing power of God swept across world, healing the sick, and launched many others into the next and higher levels of operation in Christ. Myriads of testimonies began pouring in.

From South Africa: "I had chest pains and pains below my left breast. Also, there was a moving sensation in my head, and I was also feeling anxiety and weakness. All that is gone. I am strengthened and completely healed. Glory to God!"

From the United Kingdom: "I just got healed of eye condition, after about 5 years that it’s been going on. As Rev. Tom commanded the foul spirit of blindness to come out of the eye, I felt a strong wind on me. I fell under the power and now I’m healed. My eyes are no longer tearing, and no more pain. Glory to God!"

It was a communion of healing, miracles and great blessings and indeed, a record-breaking event. The impact of the February 2021 edition of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference will remain for all time. The testimonies will continue to reverberate around the earth. Glory to God!

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