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The Healing School Cyber Church is a place of rich fellowship and love. It's an arena of miracles, where people from all around the world come together for worship and praise God Almighty. Participation in these meetings has brought many into their inheritance in Christ, opening them up into a whole new level of faith in the Word of God.

Several testimonies have come from members of the Healing School Cyber Church as proof of the Word at work.
Tangwa Charles from South Africa testifies: "I developed a strong affinity for the Healing School Cyber Church because it kept my faith strong in the Word. It has taught me how to live the authentic Christian life. It has changed my perspective about the Word. I now know how to pray the right way. Despite the lockdown regulation that restricts one from going to Church, the Healing School Cyber Church has been a place of succor. I thank the Healing School team for having such an amazing platform."

Jexi Jesus from India shares: "This is a testimony of God's divine protection upon my life. Recently, I was walking a distance, where I had to cross a small lane. I had barely taken a few steps when I was suddenly hit by a car. The car suddenly swivelled from another lane into the lane where I was. At that moment, I had no idea what hit me; all I knew was that something went wrong. I fell flat on the floor. A few moments later, I found out that I had regained my strength. No scratch, no injury whatsoever. I was able to stand on my feet. Even I marvelled at the love of God towards me. Before this encounter, we had just finished a service at the Healing School Cyber Church. I knew we made power available in that meeting. Little wonder, nothing evil could have happened to me. I thank God for preserving my life and for giving me a family such as we have at the Healing School Cyber Church. This testimony means a lot to me."
Praise God!

To be a part of the Healing School Cyber Church service every Sunday by 10am (GMT+1), visit: www.enterthehealingschool.org/cyberchurch


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