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The Healing to the Nations Magazine with anyone on the go means that the miraculous is on the go. Through the distribution of this Magazine, anyone, anywhere, and everywhere can experience the rich and inspiring testimonies of the miraculous. People from all walks of life have been impacted from receiving free copies of the Magazine all over the world. Following their encounter with this resourceful material, many join the Spread Faith Campaign –an agenda to reach the world with God’s healing and saving power and become dispensers of divine verities, sharing the truth of the Gospel with all in their world.

A group led by a member of the Healing School Prayer Network, Jasmin Domacasse, demonstrated their character of love to those in their neighborhood through an outreach. They visited Maastricht and Arnhem cities in the Netherlands, shining the glorious light of the Gospel in their hearts and turning many from the kingdom of darkness to light.

They inspired people with testimonies from the Healing to the Nations Magazine, and presented it as a powerful and strategic tool for healing and soul-winning for this age. The group shared the mind of God concerning their wellbeing, salvation, and prosperity, ministering in-depth insights and inspiration from the Scriptures. The beneficiaries all learnt how to appropriate God’s Word into their lives and circumstances as a result. They each received free copies of the Healing to the Nations Magazine to further strengthen their faith and help build their spirits.

It was a glorious experience for all. Some received healing and several souls were won through this outreach initiative. Everyone was impacted and refreshed by the Word and they each left with the impartation of special grace. Hallelujah!

You too can participate in the Spread Faith Campaign by sharing e –copies of the Magazine to your family and friend today. Visit: www.enterthehealingschool.org/spreadfaith


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