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Full of enthusiasm for the Master’s great commission to reach and save the lost, members of the Healing School Partnering Ministries in Zimbabwe went about sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus in their city, through the distribution of Healing to the Nations Magazine.


Equipped with several copies of the magazine, and with the word of their testimonies, Pastor Cyril Siringwani and team hit the streets demonstrating Christ’s love to all, as they graciously engaged them one after the other. They told everyone they met of the compassion of Jesus and preached the message of God’s saving grace to them. Acquainted with the potency of the testimonies in the magazine to encourage, uplift, and transform, they shared striking miracles with their listeners, guiding their attention to God’s unfailing power and paving the way for the light of the Gospel to penetrate their hearts. In addition, Pastor Cyril gifted them with free copies of the Healing to the Nations Magazine, while admonishing everyone to take advantage of the insights encapsulated therein.

https://www.enterthehealingschool.org/images/hspmb.jpg Truly, the laborers have entered into the harvest field, and as the Lord promised, the harvest is pouring in from everywhere. 9 people received the glorious message of the Gospel and confessed the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their lives. This is a bountiful addition to the body of Christ, and a reason for Heaven to celebrate. Contact information was exchanged, and the process of integrating the new converts into care group system began immediately. Hallelujah! Full of joy at the miracle of salvation they had just witnessed and knowing they had fulfilled the Master’s mandate, the team departed with joy in their hearts. What a time of impact it was! Praise God!

You too can impact your world with the Gospel today by joining the Spread Faith Campaign to distribute Healing to the Nations Magazine to all those in your world. Sign up now at www.enterthehealingschool.org/spreadfaith


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