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“Our confessions of faith create realities” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.  

Words are things; they have substance and the ability to create or destroy. This means that with your words, you can create the life that you desire. You can bring healing into existence. You can create the house you want to live in, your dream job . . . absolutely, everything. This is why our daily “Divine Health Confessions” is invaluable to help you speak and maintain the right confessions for your health. And there are numerous testimonies from people whose lives have been blessed as a result.  

Lanre Amoo from Canada shares: “I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. In these conditions, I suffered from frequent urination, red and painful eyes, and heavy chest pain, amongst other symptoms. Things began to change when I came in contact with the Divine Health Confessions. Daily, I affirmed God’s Word with boldness and assurance for my healing. It wasn’t long before I discovered that all the symptoms I was dealing with were all gone. My blood pressure is back to normal. I am whole again! I am so excited about my healing. Hallelujah!”  

“I have been suffering from ear pain. I couldn't put anything close to my ear. I kept my confessions and tapped into the healing grace for a miracle, using Divine Health Confessions. Now, the pain is gone and I’m completely perfect. Glory to God!” Collina attests.  

It’s your turn to receive a miracle! Do you need healing? Do you want to flourish in health? Do you desire a change in your life?  You can get the DHC on this website daily, as well as the audio format.  

You can also download the Healing School Mobile App to receive notifications on the DHC as well. (You can download it now on Loveworld App Store). 


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