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The ever-widening impact of the Healing to the Nations Magazine has penetrated the Western Cape of South Africa with signs, miracles, testimonies and wonders. Countless have testimonies of how their lives have been transformed through blessed encounters with the Healing to the Nations Magazine.

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In Western Cape, a minister, Wessel Becela, from Goshen Embassy organized an outreach in Knysna Hospital with the Healing to the Nations Magazine.

This special evangelical campaign took the healing power of God and the message of salvation to patients, as well as the hospital staff. It was a glorious sight to behold as Wessel went from ward to ward, sharing God’s Word and His mighty power, using the Healing to the Nations Magazine. He ministered divine healing to the sick and led some of them to receive salvation in Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Many experienced healing in their bodies and also gave their hearts to Christ as he ministered to them. Peculiar among the testimonies was that of Morne Scholtz who had swollen feet for over a month. He had been unable to stand and move around. During this outreach, he made contact with the Healing to the Nations Magazine and received his healing instantly. Glory to God!

Wessel also distributed copies of the Healing to the Nations Magazine to everyone. It was indeed a demonstration of God's love and power. And that way, the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ is spreading more and more to every place in every nation. Hallelujah!

Heal the sick and establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people in every city, every street, and every home with the Healing to the Nations Magazine by:

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⮚▪Sponsoring copies for distribution

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