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Have you ever woken up in the morning and you just had to go? Well, that sense of urgency is your bladder sending a signal that it’s full. The bladder is a hollow, muscular organ that collects urine from the kidneys and stores it. When the bladder gets full, the smooth muscle contracts to push out urine.

Like all other organs in your body, your bladder requires care to avoid damage, medical complications, and other adverse effects.

There are some things you can do to keep your bladder healthy. Let’s look at a few.

• Stay Hydrated: You’ve heard this often and that’s because it’s so important. Urination flushes bacteria and toxins out of your body. If you got dehydrated, you’d urinate infrequently and that may cause bacteria to build up and cause trouble. Also, overly concentrated urine can irritate the bladder walls. Drinking more water will dilute your urine and ensure your system is cleaned of all toxins.

• Maintain a Healthy Body Weight: Getting fit and trim is great for your general wellbeing, and it’s particularly great for your bladder. Obesity puts pressure on the bladder, leading to the affected person having to urinate more often than necessary.

• Eat the Right Foods: A balanced diet goes a long way in keeping your bladder healthy. Vitamins, antioxidants, and other micronutrients are important for maintaining healthy organs and can be found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Constipation can put undue pressure on the bladder, so the fiber content of the fruits and vegetables are also very helpful.

Cranberries are excellent for your bladder. They contain proanthocyanidin, a compound that stops Escherichia coli (bacteria that causes most urinary tract infections) from adhering to the walls of your urinary tract. If cranberries are not locally available, any drink containing enough cranberry concentrate will do the trick as well.

• Get Active: Exercise is great for your whole body and that includes your bladder. Exercises like running and cycling are great for the pelvic floor muscles and will help keep your bladder from shifting out of position or prolapsing.

• Always Let It All Out: Do not hold in your urine. When you stop the flow midstream, the urine moves in the reverse and this can send bacteria and other things the wrong way. Always empty your bladder. Also, avoid holding in urine for long periods of time; this can weaken the bladder’s muscles and increase risk of urinary tract infections.

Your body is God’s temple and you’re its caretaker. It is your responsibility to keep your body in good condition. We have the Word of God, which the Bible says is medicine. Constantly apply it to your body every day and watch yourself glow brighter and brighter with divine health and vitality.


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