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Clothes are an indispensable part of our everyday life. They’re functional in different ways: they provide covering to the body, add beauty and give warmth, and sometimes, act as an indication of profession and status. Given the aforementioned roles of clothes, special attention should be paid to the hygiene and comfort of the clothes we wear. Properly cleaned clothes not only keep you healthy and free of germs, they also improve your appearance, add to your confidence and give you an extra boost.

USEFUL TIPS Put on fresh clean clothes as often as possible every day. This is essential, especially for undergarments and socks. Clean and neatly ironed clothes keep you fresh, dry, comfortable, and generally give you a more pleasant disposition all day long. Wearing dirty clothes is an absolute no-no! Don’t wear clothes you've worn and probably sweated in; these clothes harbour bacteria which cause diseases, and also result in unpleasant odour if not laundered. This is especially true for special work clothes such as coveralls, lab coats, farm aprons, etc.

These garments should be washed once worn, as they could have traces of chemicals and bacteria. Thus it’s advisable to have more than one piece of these special clothes. Put worn clothes in a hamper for washing; don't drop them on the floor or squeeze into a corner. Care for your fabrics and see them last longer.

Avoid stains on your clothes. If your clothes get stained by food or other substances, immediately dab cold water onto the stains so they don’t set. Do not rub. Consider wearing an apron when fixing meals in the kitchen. There are other protective clothes for functions that are likely to get messy (e.g. gardening, house cleaning, etc.). Wearing these will save you the trouble of having drips and spills on your clothes. Caution should be applied when going for clothes made from clingy materials such as Lycra, nylon and so on. Not only can these tight fabrics compress the body nerves and make you uncomfortable when worn for a long time, they can also cause numbness, tingling and pain. Moderation is the key.

The same way a neat and smart appearance portrays you in good light, unkempt clothing does the opposite. It'll really costs less to maintain a healthy clothing culture, but the cost of unhygienic and unkempt clothes is definitely large in the long run. Make that change today and feel the freshness!


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