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To walk with God, you have to follow in His timeline so you understand what God is thinking or doing and walk in sync with Him. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Understanding God's timeline is a trademark of Your Loveworld Specials with Pastor Chris, as the man of God teaches God’s undiluted truth. Taking ample time to explain the times and seasons we are living in, as well as God’s direction for His children.

Previous episodes of Your Loveworld Specials have been hours of divine revelations from God’s Word and analysis of global events in the light of prophecies from the Holy Scriptures. This prominent arena of knowledge has enlightened the Church of Jesus Christ on her role as the second coming of Christ draws nearer, and place of authority in enforcing God’s will in every nation and territory of the world.

Another special episode holds from Wednesday, March 8 to Friday, March 10, 2023 at 7 p.m. (GMT+1) daily. This highly anticipated series of insightful teaching will be broadcast live on, and the Healing School Mobile App.

Through Your Loveworld Specials, the illicit activities of the deep state and other evil plots against humanity and the Church of Jesus Christ have been uncovered. These episodes keep you a step ahead of these perpetrators; this episode is no different. Get ready as the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome unveils to you what you thought was ordinary but in the real sense was an agenda.

In these 3 days, prayers will be made for every nation, the Loveworld Singers will lead in ethereal worship and Pastor Chris will minister the word to the global audience. It’s going to be an illuminating ride in the spirit, another opportunity to expand in your knowledge of God’s Word.

What time is it in your country right now? What moment is it right now? What's going on in the spirit? What is God thinking? Get ready to receive answers, as Pastor Chris shares on what season we’re in and what your responsibility is to make it real in your country.

This is God's set time for your nation; the time of God's favour is here. Nonetheless, there’s a role you have to play in making this a reality. Find out at Your Loveworld Specials Season 7 Phase 2!

Clear your schedule as you prepare to participate in this timely event. Spread the news and get everyone you know to participate and receive such seasoned words and special blessings. For more news updates, download the Healing School Mobile App on Loveworld App Store @


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