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The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is good news to all and for all. The healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has brought divine health and healing to countless lives.

Christians around the world take it upon themselves to set up healing centers both virtual and physical centers. As a result, physical and mental healing has been recorded, creative miracles have been wrought and best of all scores have been filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Live Healing Services are streamed live on Healing Streams TV, making healing available to all. It’s quite easy to conduit these Healing Streams to every territory, one important strategy is preparing places; both physical and Virtual Centers. To host a healing center, simply follow these steps:

To host a virtual healing center:

Create a virtual healing center at

Send your unique link to your invitees

Connect on the day of the program and remind your invitees to join.

Capture vital contact information and testimonies from all those you reach out to and send testimonies (written or video) from your healing center to

To host an onsite healing center:

Determine a location for your healing center.

Brand the location with publicity material for increased awareness.

Carry out one-on-one publicity to the people in that area.

Set up on the day of the program

Capture vital contact information and testimonies from all those you reach out to and send testimonies (written or video) from your healing center to

This is a great opportunity for you to spread God’s loving kindness around the world. As your Center is just what someone needs to receive a miracle.

One such testifier is Wuri Laga, a 27-year-old from Inner Mongolia, China, who suffered from congenital aortic stenosis, pulmonary hypertension, and ventricular deficiency. Owing to this condition, she grew up unable to sustain even mild exertion for any length of time.

The March 2022 edition was a life-altering event for Wuri. “Even before Pastor Chris ministered to me, I knew I was healed. When he said that someone with a heart problem just got healed, it was all the confirmation I needed,” she declares.

The changes were evident as soon as she received her miracle. Her heart had been pounding so hard she could hear it, but now it was quiet. Then she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell her, “You are healed.” In August, she returned to the hospital, and after seeing the results of her scans, her doctor was nonplussed. Her heart was absolutely fine. By the power of God, she obtained a clean bill of health and a brand-new heart.

As you prepare to set up such centers, get ready for a rain of the supernatural. Following their participation through your Healing Centers men and women will testify. We look forward to your victory report!

Remember the March 2023 Healing Streams Live Healing Services holds from Friday, 17 March – Sunday, 19 March 2023 @ 3 p.m. (GMT+1) daily.


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