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No matter where you live or work, it’s important for you to see to it that it’s clean, orderly, and attractive. A clean and orderly environment is crucial to one’s general well-being. The cleaning process also has various benefits. Let’s share a few with you.

1. Cleaning gives your mood a boost.

A cluttered work environment or a messy house can be stressful and may cause fatigue. According to one study, 20 minutes of housework can reduce stress levels by as much as twenty percent. Keeping a clean house improves your mood, and using lemon-scented products helps because the happy smell is inviting and relaxing for all.

2. Cleaning helps you stay active.

While various household chores are themselves considered exercise, people with cleaner homes are also more likely to take a more disciplined approach to exercising for physical fitness. Habitually maintaining a tidy environment will instill the motivation and drive to take control of other areas of your life.

3. Cleaning makes the home safer.

Falls and cuts are the most common household accidents, so tidying up spaces will improve home safety for children and adults. Teach kids to clear away toys after play time, regularly pick up discarded newspapers and other tripping hazards, and check for slips and spills often – especially in more common areas like the kitchen and walkways.

4. Cleaning makes everyone healthier.

Occasionally, clean hard-to-reach areas like the back of the oven or the deep corners of the washing machine to remove accumulated dirt and the germs hiding there, thus avoiding contamination of food, clothing, etc. This will help you avoid infections. Additionally, getting sleep in a tidy room and on clean sheets is a lot easier, so consider cleaning rather than reaching for sleeping pills the next time it seems you’re in for a sleepless night.

A clean space helps in the delivery of good, clean oxygen; cleaning often gets rid of dust and pet dander, which is particularly helpful for children with asthma. Doing household chores have also been found to have benefits for heart health. A clean room also influences eating habits by causing individuals to make healthier food choices.

5. Cleaning leads to better productivity.

Clutter at work – whether from paper and folders on your desk or items stuffed in corners – hampers your ability to concentrate effectively on your work. The cleaning staff will do their bit, but you owe it to yourself to tidy and organize your own workspace. Add a weekly appointment to ‘clean desk’ to your calendar to help with accountability.

An orderly and clean environment can be achieved and sustained by applying the following tips, which can be adopted at home, in the office or shop, or in public spaces:

• Regularly sort and unclog your space. Do away with irrelevant and non-functional items to create a clutter-free atmosphere.

• Keep all items in their designated places. For offices and other business places, items should be well arranged, labeled, and/or shelved as applicable for easy identification.

• Schedule periodic cleanings and maintain cleanliness. For an office, assign cleaning tasks to employees and make it part of their routine.

• Set and maintain a standard for the upkeep of your home, office, or surroundings. Ensure you don’t go below the benchmark


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