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God has already put in you an excellent spirit. In the scriptures, Daniel typified one who dealt excellently in his affairs, because an excellent spirit was in him.

Anointed men and women in the Old Testament had the Holy Spirit ‘come upon them’, but today, He lives in you! He's the Spirit of excellence; hence, it's His ministry to cause you to excel in everything you do. When you recognize this truth, walking in excellence will become a natural occurrence, even as you excel in every endeavor.

In Genesis 12:2, God said to Abraham, “I will make you great.” It was God's choice to make him great, and if you are born again, you’re Abraham’s seed and the seed of greatness is in your spirit. That greatness is manifested through the excellent character of everything that is connected to you and in everything that you do.

To excel means to distinguish oneself, to stand out and surpass laid down standards, and to do something to a greater degree than the normal or required standards. Invariably, in your job, at school, in business or in ministry, you ought to stand out from the crowd! Your results should be impeccable, outstanding and inspiring.

You don’t have to pray to God to make you excel, for excellence is in you; all you need do is recognize it and express it. Choose to excel; make a conscious effort to improve your mind by studying the right materials. Become studious; don’t loaf or laze around because laziness isn't a quality of an excellent spirit.

Visit the Healing School Mobile app today, for a wealth of content that’ll fuel your mind with excellence and limitless possibilities. Never think small or see yourself as small. You're the offspring of the great God of glory; His seed of greatness is in you. Go the extra mile; reject mediocrity and mundanity from your life.

It's your set time to do great things. This is your set time to excel, and it doesn’t require your struggle; it’s the life you’ve been called to live. Remember, you were born into greatness! Your family history is replete with stories and feats of greatness. I’m not talking about your earthly family, but the family of God to which you belong. This is your time to do great things in the Kingdom of God. Do exploits in your job, business, academics, and other areas of your life. Keep excelling in the name of Jesus because success is in you!


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