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A testimony is a statement or affirmation of a fact. In a court of law, for instance, a testimony is the aggregate of proof offered in a case; it is the statement of a witness. Our opening scripture says, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” The question is, what is your testimony? Your testimony is your witness of Christ – your declaration of the activity of His Word and grace in your life.

What's your testimony? For me, I testify that I'm walking in God's grace and in His victory! I testify that I am winning in everything that I do! I testify that I'm excellent all the way! I testify that His grace is working in, for, and through me! I testify that the Lord is my Rock and my Strength! I testify that I'm more than a conqueror; greater is He that's in me than He that is in the world!

Testify of your victories; testify of what He's done in your life. Sometimes, the problem is that some people want to feel or see it first before they testify, but it's not so. Testify first! Don't wait to feel or see anything; God's Word is real; that should be the basis of your testimony, that's what overcomes the enemy – Satan.

When people are crying that, “Life is very hard these days,” you should declare, “I'm highly favored and abundantly blessed by God!” That becomes your testimony, and with it, you overcome limitations. When you speak God's Word and testify of Him, you bring His presence into the situation. Let His testimony be on your lips always; let the testimony of His Word and the efficacy of the Spirit put you over and above every situation.

Never be moved by the unpleasantness of your present circumstances; don't observe negative symptoms of lack or ill-health; prophesy your victory. Proclaim the Word. Worship God amid any seemingly hopeless situation you may find yourself in. Testify that you have overcome and thank God for your deliverance and victory.

Maintain God's testimony of you; His testimony is that you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. His testimony is that you are more than a conqueror – superior to Satan and placed over and above all circumstances and situations. Affirm the same things in consent with Him today. Every day, say what God has said about you. Remember, “…He hath said…so that we may boldly say…” (Hebrews 13:5-6). The glorious things He has spoken about you in His Word (Psalm 87:3) are your testimonies. You are who and what God says you are. So, study the Word to ascertain for yourself what God has said concerning you, and proclaim those things boldly.

As your testimony materializes and becomes real, send us your testimony here: let’s celebrate with you!


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