The Healing School is a global ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with the divine mandate to take healing to the nations of the world. Our ever widening network of partners comprising hundreds of thousands of men, women, youths, ministers, ministries and organizations from all the continents of the world, are taking upon themselves the responsibility of reaching and impacting the needy with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When you become a partner, you will team up with us to take God’s healing power to the nations, reaching millions with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; hence, you will partake of the unique grace at work at the Healing School and become increasingly relevant in God’s kingdom.

Partnership Makes The Difference

Partnership with the Healing School is a commitment by individuals, ministries and organizations to join forces with the man of God, Pastor Chris in changing lives around the world.

Through prayers and consistent giving, we amplify our efforts in saving the unsaved, healing the sick and infirmed and restoring hope to the hopeless.

Many former students and attendees of the Healing School become ministers of the Gospel after returning to their countries; their testimonies of healing and transformation bring more people to Christ and into the Kingdom of God.

Become A Partner

Partnership Opportunities

Together, as our relationship grows stronger, we can truly impact the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a greater way than we’ve ever imagined!

The Healing School Partners’ Global Network is your personal connection to Pastor Chris and other Ministry Partners around the world.

Below are the partnership categories:
BLUE PARTNER: $1 - $100 monthly
GOLD PARTNER: $100 - $500 monthly
DIAMOND PARTNER: $500 - $2000 monthly
PLATINUM PARTNER: $2000 and above monthly

Partnership Benefits

The following benefits will be tied to those that donate at any time to the Healing School:
  • Full access to our Global Partners Network portal
  • Receive daily Faith’s Proclamations e-cards
  • Special prayers from Pastor Chris
  • Receive Pastor’s messages on divine health
  • Free access to our Global Prayer Network
  • Free access to participate during the monthly Pastor Chris Live global service
  • Free downloads of the Healing School monthly magazine

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Your Partnership Counts

Your consistent donation, amplifies our efforts in saving
the unsaved, healing the sick and infirm and restoring hope to the hopeless.