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When you approach someone and they break out a welcoming smile, you will most likely respond with a smile of your own. That simple expression of joy and gladness is an invitation to a pleasant encounter and productive experience. Your smile is not just an expression, it is also a vent for the innate joy and life-giving light of God in you. With it, you dispense hope to the weary as you broadcast the assurance of triumph over all circumstances through faith in Christ Jesus.

Amidst the pressures and busyness of daily life, however, the desire to smile or laugh may become lost. Making a conscious effort to smile and laugh often should become a habit and consistent practice for you.

Here are some reasons to smile more.

• You are beloved and esteemed. God loves and values you highly. You are so important to Him that He sacrificed His only begotten son for you. Now, the Lord is determined that you enjoy perfect health, absolute safety, and peaceful prosperity. What is there to frown about when all things are working together for your good? • You have the code for perpetual victory. God’s Word is the sound code necessary for your triumph over all situations and circumstances you may face. As you meditate on the Scriptures day and night, the knowledge and revelations in your spirit will etch an indelible smile on your face every time. Wielding your smile always will yield myriad physiological and psychological benefits.

• Smiling triggers happy hormones and alleviates stress: When you smile, your face flexes muscles that release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – neurotransmitters that help you feel happier and reduce stress, while also dispensing happiness to all who come in contact with you.

• Smiling lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, and strengthens immunity. Smiling improves heart rate and regulates blood pressure, thus lowering the risk of developing heart disease. One way to deal with high blood pressure is to smile and laugh more often. Take your mind off worrying issues and focus on your blessings.

• Smiling makes you attractive and slows ageing. Smiling negates worry and the wrinkles that come with it, causing one to look younger. It also causes an increase in the body’s production of HGH (an anti-ageing hormone). Moreover, smiling makes your face more attractive and can be as therapeutic as a massage or anti-ageing facial at a five-star spa. So, smile today and save yourself some bucks.

• Smiling reduces pain. Endorphins released when you smile contain moderate pain-relieving properties and act as a natural painkiller when you’re injured. Also, endorphins strengthen your body’s immunity. Think happy thoughts and find your smile to help alleviate pain and increase your capacity to endure.

• Smiling strengthens bonds and deepens relationships. People who smile a lot are more likable and more approachable. They tend to attract friendship from others, inspire confidence, and generally form better relationships. Smiling promotes the feeling of acceptance, enhances teamwork, promotes group bonding, and diffuses conflict.

• Enhances performance and productivity. Smiling can increase your productivity by boosting confidence in your ability to fulfill assigned tasks and diffusing pressure. Smiling can be a ‘creative thinking exercise’ because it creates a positive mood that makes you better at problem-solving. A more jovial team leader, for instance, can rally teammates and help them deliver assigned tasks optimally.

Practice Smiling

A simple way to get into the habit of smiling every time is to remember how much God loves you, the vast inheritances He has bequeathed to you, and the countless testimonies of His goodness in your life. Go ahead, smile right now, and keep at it from now on.