My name is Pastor Mario Marcelo Poliszezuk from Abundant Life International Adoration Centre Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today I write these words, giving glory to God, sharing my MVP Story. My first visit to the Ministers’ Visitation Program with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa, was in April 2017.

I deeply thank the man of God for all we received from the impartation of the Word and the days we spent there that week. We are grateful for the reception at the airport, the attention, the hospitality, the security and the organization of the program. We congratulate Pastor Chris and the work team.

Our experience at the Healing School has been very impressive and we were able to treasure in our spirit the teachings we received as we returned to our country to teach the same messages in our Ministry. We have seen tremendous changes in every area of our ministry, experiencing healing and liberation. Since we discovered the important secret, which is praying in tongues we haven’t stopped speaking in tongues, and thanks to God every day it flows more and more. Our Intercessory group discovered this secret, put it into practice, and we are seeing the result in the people we minister to, and their response to prayers. We have beautiful testimonies of transformation from various families and their growth in Christ.

We have been very blessed by the devotional, Rhapsody of Realities; it has resulted in strengthening our faith and knowledge of the Word. Each department of our ministry is increasing in faith and in grace, becoming better ministers, fathers, brothers, husbands and friends; each witnessing it.

We have shared this experience with other ministers in our Global Ministers’ cell and it is tremendous the astonishment and expectation that they have expressed, and would like to attend the MVP as well as other future events with Pastor Chris.

God bless you abundantly. HALLELUJAH! Glory to God!!

Pastor Mario Marcelo Poliszezuk and wife Graciela Haponiuk

Abundant Life International Adoration Center Ministry

Buenos Aires,